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Wagner Moisture Meter Extended Range Model MMC220

Wagner's most popular selling model for applications that relate to woodworking, whether you dry lumber as a sawyer, or work with wood to build furniture or install flooring.

USD 395.00
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Wagner Moisture Meter Digital Shopline Model MMC205

Wagner's budget conscious moisture meter, ideal for wood flooring and woodworking applications to read common softwood and hardwood species and do not require moisture measurement to the tenth-of-a-percent precision.

USD 280.00
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Arbortech Mini-Grinder KIt featuring 2 inch blades

An Arbortech™ designed wood carving tool. Ideal for wood sculpting, carving, cutting and sanding applications. This kit comes with a 710 Watt power tool, extension arm, two 2 inch (50 mm) carving blad...

USD 259.95
259 Points | 2 In Stock
Arbortech Power Carver KIt featuring 2 Chisels

This power tool comes with a 710 Watt power tool, two chisels 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide flat and gouge and a 15ml bottle of high pressure maintenance lubricant. Powerful 12,000 stroke per minute action, y...

USD 259.95
259 Points | 1 In Stock
TURBOPlane Arbortech Tool Accessory

Rapid removal of wood material with the ease of free hand styling. Tungsten carbide teeth means long life and only requires easy touch up maintenance with a diamond lap stone file.

USD 169.00
169 Points | 1 In Stock
Industrial Woodcarver Pro-Kit Arbortech Tool Accessory

Fits most 4 inch (110 mm) and 4.5 inch (115 mm) angle grinders. Featuring the 3 carbide teeth blade (see #63-IND-FG-100) and Pro-Guard kit (see #63-ACC-FG-100). Turn your angle grinder into a fully fu...

USD 164.85
164 Points | 3 In Stock
Industrial Woodcarver Blade for Arbortech Tools

Fits most 4 inch (100mm) and 4.5 inch (115mm) angle grinders. Suitable for carving, cutting, shaping, trenching and trimming wood. Highly recommended to be used with the Arbortech™ Pro-Guard #63-ACC-F...

USD 159.95
159 Points | 2 In Stock
Mini-TURBO Arbortech Wood Sculpting Kit

For use with your Arbortech™ mini grinder or any appropriately sized grinder with the extension (supplied). Use with guided templates or freehand, the extension will allow for almost 2.75 inch of deep...

USD 138.95
138 Points | 2 In Stock
TURBOShaft Arbortech Tool Accessory

This shaft kit can extend the reach of your wood carving activity by a depth of 3 inches (76 mm). Suitable for 4 and 4.5 inch (100 and 115 mm) angle grinders. The carbide blade at the end allows the s...

USD 109.00
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Little Leaves Set of 14 Scrollsaw Patterns

This is the complete Little Leaf series of scrollsawing patterns. 14 different plan packages featuring many different wildlife animals and fish. Each pattern comes with a corresponding small and large...

From USD 97.30
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Outdoor Cabin Construction Plan - 16 ft Wide

This 16 ft wide cabin design features a covered porch with a loft above. The plan can be built 16, 20 or 24 ft deep. Three Different Sizes to build: 16 x 16 ft, 16 x 20 ft, 16 x 24 ft. A PDF version is also available.

From USD 96.95
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Shed Roof Sun Room Addition For Two-Story Homes construction plans

Specifically designed for two-story homes, this addition provides a sun-filled living space beneath a 4/12 Pitch Shed Roof with 3 Skylights. A PDF version is also available, 30-90021PDF.

From USD 96.95
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Gabled Sun Room Addition construction plans

This sun room addition features an 8/12 gable roof that attaches to an existing roof or to a 2-story-high wall. Includes 3 Sizes. A PDF version is also available, 30-90022PDF.

From USD 96.95
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Master Bedroom Addition For One and Two-Story Homes construction plans

This master bedroom addition includes a master bath with walk-in closet, dual sink vanity, shower, compartmented toilet and soaking tub surrounded by bayed windows. A PDF version is also available, 30-90027PDF.

From USD 96.95
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Black Forest Woodcarvings Book

With original documents discovered to build his story, Peter Blackman has eloquently explained the origins, artistic growth, and dissemination of Black Forest carved wooden furniture and fine decor now recognized worldwide...

USD 99.00
99 Points | In Stock
Power Chisel Woodcarvers 5 Chisel Starter Set by Arbortech

This package of woodworking chisels in combination with your Arbortech™ Power Chisel (or suitable converted 4 or 4.5 inch angle grinder) will allow you to to remove wood as needed, you remain in contr...

USD 99.95
99 Points | Out Of Stock
Buckboard Bench Woodworking Plan and Hardware Kit

This full size replica of a buckboard bench is authentically designed with real springs. Bench sits two adults comfortably and is a great project for your home or patio. Wheels are not available.

USD 69.00
69 Points | In Stock
1901 Buckboard Wagon Plan and Steel Hardware Kit (NO WHEELS)

Every child needs to grow up with a wagon, especially one handcrafted by their father or grandfather. This wagon kit has a unique design, featuring the miniature buckboard bench. Wagon Kit Includes:...

USD 69.00
69 Points | In Stock
Contour Random Sander Kit for Angle Grinders

This adaptable kit will fit most 4 or 4-1/2 inch angle grinders. The stiff rubber sander pad allows for contour sanding. Use the sanding discs we sell or third party discs. Non stick or self stick san...

USD 89.00
89 Points | 2 In Stock
TUFF CUT Universal Cutting Blade

Fits most 4.5 inch (115 mm) and 5 inch (125 mm) angle grinders. Featuring 3 carbide teeth, this multi-purpose blade can be used to cut through most materials, except cement based materials. Will cut t...

USD 84.95
84 Points | 2 In Stock
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