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  •  Wind Chimes - turned on a lathe
    Wind chimes are becoming increasingly popular pieces of garden furniture. Although such chimes are not a new idea, and can be made in a wide range of materials, there is a contemporary type which uses aluminium tubes for producing the sound. Unfortunately, some of these are very crude and even the best designs I have seen leave something to be desired. Since these chimes are usually based on a circular form they lend themselves to turning and I have developed some ideas which I hope will appeal to readers.
  •  Wind Chimes
    All you need to build your own wind chimes is pipe, twine, screws, and lumber.
  •  Bamboo Wind Chimes
    Wind chimes are widely regarded not only for their soothing sounds, but also because they are visually pleasing. In this set of free woodworking plans, we walk you through building a bamboo wind chime. This is a surprisingly easy woodworking project.
  •  Wind Chimes
    Wind chimes allow us to snatch music from the air, and it takes only a few minutes to craft together a set of chimes that reflect your home decor or the whimsy of your imagination.
  •  Wind Chimes, Butterfly
    I am going to describe a how to make a beautiful and colorful wooden butterfly. I will be making the beautiful Blue Morpho Butterfly. This butterfly has gorgeous wings that look like blue shimmering satin with a lovely black border, and body.
  •  Wind Chimes
    Well ring my bell! This is a really simple project that you will get lots of enjoyment out of. Not only is it fun to make but fun to listen to when the wind blows.
  •  Wind Chimes
    By Al Carrell - Wind chimes are a great addition to your patio or deck. Even a slight breeze will result in pleasing sound. Here is how you can do-it-yourself...often with materials you already have.
  • Wind Chimes Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Wind Chimes Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodcrafting Pattern PDF
    Cut it out from scrap wood you probably have in your workshop and a few bits of pipe. Everybody loves the sounds of chimes. Experiment with the length of tubes and materials to achieve different sounds. Beginner skill level.
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