Free Woodworking Plans - Treehouse

  •  Treehouse with a slide and swing set
    This tree house is really more of a self supporting platform built around a tree rather than the traditional type of tree house consisting of a small playhouse built or placed in the trees branches.
  •  Treehouse, A-Frame
    This is a great project to do with your kids this summer. Print out these pages so that you can follow along as you build.
  •  Treehouse Tower
    This a big project, but it is fun, especially if you get the kids involved in planning and customizing it. And one of the customized additions they will love is a lookout tower.
  •  Treehouse, Build A
    A treehouse is a place where you can give free rein to your individual creativity, as the examples in this article show. But while there may be almost as many types of treehouses as there are types of trees, some general principles do apply.
  •  Treehouse
    Like many fathers, I think a lot about what I can build or buy for the kids (and myself) to play on. I have always been fascinated by trees, tree climbing, and tree houses, and I have vivid memories of treehouses I played in as a child, and especially of the treehouse my father built for us when I was a kid. Naturally, I wanted to create that sort of memory in my own children.
  •  Treehouse
    Here is how you can make a world-class backyard tree house.
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