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  •  Patio Coffee Table
    Build an outdoor coffee table using the free woodworking instructions at the link. Honestly, it could work for indoors too.
  •  Rustic Console Table
    At the link you can scroll down the page and get the free woodworking plans to build a rustic console table. The bottom shelf is perfect for oversized baskets or displays.
  •  Vanity Table
    This beautiful makeup vanity table is perfect in every way. It could also be used as a desk if you want. Free woodworking plans are at the link.
  •  Dining Table with Storage
    This table is perfect for the kitchen or dining room but will also double as a spot for kids to get creative. When they are finished just scoop the crayons into the hidden compartment. Free building plans at the link.
  •  Round End Table
    This round end table is perfect for next to a chair where space is tight. It is inexpensive to build and easy too using the free woodworking plans available at the link.
  •  Convertible Toddler Table Chair Set
    This convertible table and chairs set is toddler size and easy to build using only three tools. Which ever way you decide to set it up, the kids will get plenty of use out of it.
  •  Outdoor Coffee Table
    Build an outdoor coffee table using 2 x 4 and 2 x 2 boards and the free step-by-step woodworking plans available at the link.
  •  Bar Table for Outdoors
    This outdoor bar table was built using 2 x 4s. At the link you will find a complete supply list, cut list, and tool list needed to build this project.
  •  Breakfast Table
    This breakfast table measures 56 x 27.5 and you will find the complete plans at the link. This would be perfect for an eat-in kitchen or dining room.
  •  Narrow Console Table
    This console table can be customized to suit your space. Add an extra support leg in the center and stretch the length if you wish. Build it using these free step-by-step plans.
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  •  Outdoor Side Table
    Build an outdoor side table for your patio using 2 x 4s and the free step-by-step woodworking plans at the link. Perfect for placing a cold drink on a warm sunny day.
  •  Mobile Worktable
    This mobile worktable has a top that measures 40 x 48 inches and you will need eight 2 x 4s and a sheet of MDF to build it. Check out the free instructions at the link.
  •  Storage Dining Table
    Build a vintage style dining table with added storage using the free step-by-step woodworking plans at the site. Who needs extra storage? Everyone, thats who.
  •  Storage Trunk Coffee Table
    This storage trunk coffee table may be the perfect piece of furniture ever. It looks beautiful and has plenty of room inside for what ever you wish, toys, blankets, or magazines. Free plans at the link.
  •  Mirrored Side Table
    Bet you never considered building your own mirrored side tables!! Now you can and it is easier than you think. Follow along at the link and get started. Just think of the possibilities.
  •  Outdoor Side Table/Umbrella Stand PDF
    Build your patio a side table/umbrella stand. This is an awesome combination!! Double duty outdoor furniture. Free downloadable plans at the link.
  •  Deck Railing Table PDF
    This patio railing table will give you extra space for drinks or your next bbq. It is easy to build using the free downloadable tutorial available at the ink.
  •  Waterfall Table with Storage
    This unique waterfall table has added storage and is the perfect thing if you have no room for a traditional end table. The waterfall effect with the wood grain is extra beautiful. Free plans at the link.
  •  Modern Plywood Coffee Table
    Using just one sheet of plywood you can build a beautiful modern coffee table. Check out the free tutorial at the link and get building. You will also be given variations on how to position the legs.
  •  Round Side Table
    This round side table is perfect for indoors or out depending on the wood you use to build it. You can also adjust the height to suit your needs. Free plans at the link for your building needs.
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  •  Small Parts Tablesaw Sled Woodworking Plan
    Hold small parts securely, safely, and dead-square to the blade for clean and super-accurate cuts on your tablesaw.
  •  Wagon Wheel Picnic Table Woodworking Pattern
    We are very proud to offer our wagon wheel picnic table. We show you how to make the wagon wheel and offer options on how to proceed. Lots of pictures and text to guide you through the build. As well as a few options on making the table seating depending on your skill level or willingness to learn new skills.
  •  Elegant Accent Table Woodworking Plan
    Despite its gracefully curved leg rails and tapered legs, and wedged top, this English Arts and Crafts-style accent table is surprisingly easy to build. Our patterns and step-by-step instructions guide you to success.
  •  Tennis Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Craft Pattern 940 makes it easy to build this standard size table tennis at a saving of one-half. Its top is plywood. Its frame corners and legs interlock to make a rigid support. Pattern shows assembly.
  •  English Server Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Norm wanders into a country European antique shop and walks out with a treasure, a low English server, also commonly known as a sideboard. Simple in its design, the long antique pine boards are what give this piece its stunning character. Norm crafts his version of this piece out of some surprising distressed antique boards and proves that its natural beauty could earn it a place in any room of the house. The result will leave viewers hard-pressed to tell which is the antique and which is the production.
  •  Portable Drum Sander Jig Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    A sanding drum makes quick work of smoothing an edge profile rough-cut with a jig saw. You might think you need a drill press or spindle sander to keep the sanded edges square to the surface, but a corded electric drill, shop scraps, a few dollars worth of hardware, and a set of inexpensive sanding drums will do the trick too.
  •  Shopmade Tablesaw Miter Sled Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    This miter-cutting sled offers a dual-rail guidance system that rides in the miter-gauge slots of your tablesaw and smooth-acting stops that ride in tracks. It also features a safety channel down the middle to keep your hands away from the tablesaw blade.
  •  Tile Top Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    This tile-top table is practical with small children and you can customize it with your choice of tiles. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  Portable Finishing Center Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    Apply finished in a dust-free enclosure that sets up or tears down in just 5 minutes. Deploy this handy tent any time you want to wipe or brush on a finish without having to shut down the rest of your shop. Best of all, you can build one in an afternoon with about $80 worth of materials from a home center.
  •  Pintail Duck Tabletop Nightlight Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This detailed pattern gives full instructions on how you can create this beautiful Pintail Duck Nightlight Tabletop Lamp! There are two designs used for the sides of the lamps and you can use a paper shade, as we have done here, or your own shade to match your decor. The details on the paper shade are shown cut out of thin veneer wood, but you can also stencil, paint or cut fabric accents to suit your own taste. This will be a beautiful addition to any room! This is a good project for an intermediate scroll sawyer with some general knowledge of woodworking.
  •  Tablesaw Alignment Block Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    Use this simple jig to align both your tablesaw blade and rip fence for clean, accurate cuts.
  •  Sideless Side Table Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    This table hides its unique minimalist construction. That is because the drawers do not disappear inside an enclosed carcase leaving only their fronts visible. Instead, the drawers fill in where side and back panels should be. Removing the drawers reveals a skeletal carcase of four legs joined by rails, and a top panel. You will also learn the steps in cutting lock-rabbet drawer joints on the tablesaw.
  •  Monastry Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    Norm is on the move again, this time he is in the Tuscany region of Italy where he finds a handcrafted table rescued from a very old monastery. With what looks like centuries of use, Norm is inspired to make his own replica. Back at the workshop Norm fires up his lathe, bandsaw and other tools and cuts into some fresh Southern Yellow Pine. Construction methods featured: mortise and tenon joints, biscuit and spline joinery too. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual paper plan you are buying.
  •  Table Top Sleigh Vintage Woodworking Plan
    Get your scroll saw ready and build this table-top sleigh consisting of only seven pieces. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  Mahogany Outdoor Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    For a durable outdoor table, we designed this 48 x 48 inch square table. It features mortise and tenon joinery and a top with splined miter joints. Once completed, this project will give you years of enjoyable service.
  •  Pantry Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    Norm is in the mood for building English country style furniture. While this table is called a pantry table, its design is suited for many locations in the home. The table features tapered legs and beaded drawer fronts, dovetail drawer box construction and for added strength, a breadboard top. A suitable companion to R-NYW5041 Coffee Table. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual paper plan you are buying.
  •  Tablesaw Joinery Jig Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    Tight-fitting joints are a snap on any saw when using this sturdy but adjustable jig. Use it to cut tenons, half-laps, and bridle joints.
  •  Pedestal Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    Norm is roaming the antique shops again and this time he finds a small round table made from teak lumber. Teak has the ability to withstand the weather so the table can be used indoors or outside too. The trick to these types of tables is joining the legs to the turned leg. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual paper plan you are buying.
  •  Occasional Table Woodworking Plan
    It is not often that you can make a great-looking piece of furniture, such as this table, in just one weekend (plus maybe a couple weekday evening hours to apply the finish). And if you have been savi...
  •  Tablesaw Sanding Table Woodworking Plan
    A built-in dust chute links it directly to your shop vacuum or dust collector. We designed this sanding table to fit a 10 inch Jet Contractors Saw. You will probably have to alter the tables size to f...
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