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  •  Console Table
    Build a console table with X details on the side which are so popular right now. Here is how...
  •  Table Saw Accessories Shelf PDF
    This shelf is meant to be mounted on the wall near your table saw to hold accessories you may need while using your table saw.
  •  Console Table
    This console table features 4 drawers and a cubby space in the middle as well as shelves below. Here are the free woodworking plans.
  •  Modern Table Lamp
    Build this beautiful modern table lamp using this free tutorial.
  •  Dining Table
    Build this dining or kitchen table using these free step-by-step woodworking plans.
  •  Adjustable Shelves PDF
    This adjustable shelving unit features shelves which fit into notches in the uprights and are cantilevered. Here is how to build them...
  •  Turned Leg Console Table PDF
    Build a console table using this free tutorial. At the link you can download the free plans.
  •  Console Table
    This chic console table has an industrial edge with the metal wheels and pipe. At the link you will find the materials list, tools list and cut list as well as step-by-step instructions with pictures.
  •  Folding Table
    This table folds flat for storage and would be perfect for working on your laptop. Here are the free step-by-step instructions.
  •  Console Table
    Build a modern console table using this free tutorial.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Table Furniture - Woodworking Plans to Build Tables

  •  Faux Crank Table
    Build this faux crank table using this free tutorial. Great to think out of the box for a change.
  •  Basket Tray Side Table PDF
    This unique side table takes very little wood to build but you should probably find two baskets first. Here are the free downloadable woodworking plans.
  •  Deck Side Table PDF
    At the link you can download the free woodworking plan to build this fun side table for your patio.
  •  Curvy Side Table
    Follow along with this free tutorial and build your own curvy side tables. Beautiful.
  •  Play Table
    This table would make a great place to play and a bonus storage space on the bottom for extra toys. Here are the free plans.
  •  Console Table
    This console table features two drawers and an X detail that make it very popular today. Here are the free step-by-step plans.
  •  Console Table
    This console table features two drawers and a lower shelf. Perfect for the hall, dining room or as a sofa table. Build it using these free plans.
  •  Round Table Top
    This free tutorial will show you how easy it is to build a new top for a table. This one happens to be 70 inches around but you could easily adapt it to a different size table top.
  •  MCM Side Table
    Build this Mid-Century Modern side table using these free woodworking plans and instructions.
  •  Console Table
    Build this beautiful console table using simple lap construction. By layering several boards you end up with a solid piece of modern furniture.
  • Table Furniture - Woodworking Plans to Build Tables Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Sewing Portable Cabinet Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This cabinet is a delight in and out of the sewing room. Finished dimensions are when folded. Can be carried easily from one room to another. It has a surprising capacity for sewing accessories, as you will see by the illustration showing it open for use. The cabinet consists of a pair of easy-to-make pine frames, covered on one side with perforated hardboard, then hinged and fitted with handles for carrying. The holes in the hardboard provide a simple way to fasten hangers, pockets and racks for sundry sewing items. There are screw cap jars for buttons and miscellany, and a hinged shelf.
  •  Sturdy Portable Sewing Cabinet Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This well-designed chairside sewing cabinet is large enough to hold all of your sewing needs and attractive enough to look well anywhere in the house. It has a spool rack in one compartment.The legs extend all the way up inside, to the center divider, for the sturdiest and easiest construction possible. This craft pattern contains full-size patterns and all construction details. You can build it of pine or use a cabinet hardwood for a superb cabinet.
  •  Portable Tool Box Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Any do-it-yourselfer who likes to keep his tools organized and handy will appreciate this tool chest.
  •  Table Lamp Woodworking Plan
    Order this plan to build the lamp pictured. Three-wire socket lights the top, bottom, or both top and bottom at the same time. Plans drawn full size.
  •  English Garden Table Woodworking Plan
    Classic English garden furniture, but we have redesigned it to be easier for the home hobbyist to make. Build it from standard lumber. Shown here with its matching bench and chair.
  •  Game Table Stool Woodworking Plan
    This plan is for the stools only, which go great with the Beaver Game Table plan (# W2456) sold separately. The stool plans are drawn full size.
  •  Display End Table Woodworking Plan
    Display table is designed to hold a military size memorial flag and still provide space for medals of recognition, emblems, photos, etc. This table can also be made without the flag partitions and use...
  •  Tuck-In Table Woodworking Plan
    Ideal for the couch potatoe, sofa sloucher or if you are sick in bed. A perfect place to store tv guides, magazines, remote controls. It also features a top surface to set down your meal or snacks whi...
  •  Colonial Chair Table Combo Woodworking Plan
    This full size pattern is an accent piece that is not only a joy to make, but a great conversation starter. The plan you receive will make the pictured reproduction of a colonial era chair, usually ma...
  •  Country End Table Woodworking Plan
    This end table is 24 inches in height when complete.
  •  Nesting Tables Woodworking Plan Set - 3 sizes included
    Three tables that can be stacked, one inside the other. When company comes, set them out to hold food and beverages. This plan includes scale drawings for all three tables.
  •  Bathroom Table Woodworking Plan
    You can always use more storage space in the bathroom. This project is made from 3/4 inch stock. This bathroom table will fit nicely over your toilet and give you extra storage space. The matching wal...
  •  Fish Table Woodworking Plan
    A simple-to-build project for people who like to fish. Fish pedestal is cut from 1x12 stock. The 16 inch diameter table top can be glued up from solid stock or cut from plywood. All patterns drawn ful...
  •  Scroll Saw Table Woodworking Plan
    Save money by making your own scroll saw table. The 16 x 24 inch tabletop accommodates most scroll saws as well as many other tabletop tools including drill presses, sanders and grinders.
  •  Anchor End Table Woodworking Plan
    A strikingly clean and attractive design. The perfect accent to use with our other nautical furniture projects. Use as an end table, a side table, or to display plants. Build it from standard 3/4 and ...
  •  Round End Table Woodworking Plan
    Find out the easy way to build a round end table. This design shows two different methods for making the curved side pieces, with or without the use of wood veneer.
  •  Table Saw Book 2nd Edition
    This completely revised edition is a comprehensive reference to the table saw, the cornerstone of any woodworking shop and an essential tool for homebuilders. The book covers how to choose a table saw...
  •  Tabletop Three Kings Woodworking Plan
    Use as a table centerpiece or for display on a shelf or fireplace mantle. All body parts can be made from 3/4 inch thick oak. Plans are drawn full size.
  •  Occasional Table Woodworking Plan
    It is not often that you can make a great-looking piece of furniture, such as this table, in just one weekend (plus maybe a couple weekday evening hours to apply the finish). And if you have been savi...
  •  Hall Table Woodworking Plan
    This Hall Table is easily made from our full-size pattern. Finished measurements are 28 inches high x 32 inches wide and the shelf is 11 inches deep.
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