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63-IND-FG-500-20 - TURBOShaft™ Arbortech™ Tool Accessory

63-IND-FG-500-20 - TURBOShaft™ Arbortech™ Tool Accessory

This shaft kit can extend the reach of your wood carving activity by a depth of 3 inches (76 mm). Suitable for 4 and 4.5 inch (100 and 115 mm) angle grinders. The carbide blade at the end allows the shaft to be used with templates. Perfect for making signs from logs. Also useable with a skilled free hand user. Comes complete with shaft, depth gauge, allen key, set screw and two round carbide teeth. The uniqueness of the round teeth allow you to partial rotate the teeth for continued use of a sharp cutting edge. This accessory tool can be used with the Arbortech™ product line of power carving woodworking tools.

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