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61-008 - Holiday Raccoon Yard Art Woodworking Pattern

61-008 - Holiday Raccoon Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
You only less than 1/3rd sheet of plywood to complete our Holiday Raccoon. Our full size pattern is easy to cut out. A complete drawing so you can quickly get busy with creating your project. Simply trace, cut and paint. Use for your woodworking yard art project and afterwards, color in the paper plan to hang on the wall or window in your house or entrance. Custom sizing available upon request.

Plan Publisher: WoodchuckCanuck.com, Inc.

Published Date: 2017

Plan Language: English

Wood and/or Supplies needed:
A sheet of plywood measuring 29x32 inches.
Tracing Paper 14-CARB2 is recommended.

Tools needed: Jig saw and other common workshop tools

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