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Santa Claus Praying On One Knee Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Bigfoot Sasquatch 7ft tall Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Looking for hard to find parts?
Cowgirl Silhouette

56-001 - Skeleton Cowboy Yard Art Woodworking Pattern

Woodworking patterns distributed by WoodworkersWorkshop.com. This project is printed on wide format paper to accommodate the full scale drawings. If you have custom size requirements, please contact us. Where given, all measurements are in inches.\', tabthreename = \'Color Print\', tabthreecontent = \'We offer a color print for this woodworking project. It prints on self adhesive vinyl, simply peel and stick to the flat surface (plywood, plastic panel, glass or wall). Order the color print to save on painting time. Color prints are custom printed for your order, therefore are NOT REFUNDABLE. The self adhesive is very tacky. The plan offers some tips on application. We will not be held responsible for any damage to the color print or the surfaces should you decide to pull off the vinyl to reposition or remove it. The inks used are weather proof and are rated for exposure to UV rays. Used in seasonal displays the colors should last you for years of use.

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