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48-SLD436 - Damask Butterfly Silhouette Plaque Set Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF

48-SLD436 - Damask Butterfly Silhouette Plaque Set Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
These butterfly patterns are to make the set of three self-framing plaques. Each plaque has a unique Damask-style design that serves as the background for the lovely silhouette overlay. While the Damask pattern is offset to the left, center and right to add interest to the grouping, I have also included the additional line work for the full versions of all three motifs so you can use them for other scrolling projects if you wish. The curves and swirls are fun to cut and are forgiving for the scroller who may not be as confident in their cutting.

Finished Dimensions:
Height: 7 inches (17.8 cm)
Width: 6 inches (15.2 cm)

Tools needed: Scrollsaw and other common workshop tools

These beautiful plaques would look wonderful as a grouping on a wall, or even on an easel sitting on an end table or hall table. The backboards can be cut from 1/8 inch thick birch plywood and painted in rich, deep acrylic colors to accent the designs as shown here, or you can use thin veneer in natural wood tones. You can even embellish the background with some sparkly crystal rhinestones for an added touch of sparkle! These plaques are sure to be a hit.

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Part of the process of making scrollsaw projects is applying the pattern to the wood before cutting. Some scrollers use tracing paper but most scrollers prefer to use a method of applying the paper pattern to the board, it provides the best accuracy. That requires the paper to stick to the board while still being able to be peeled off when the cutting is complete. You could use a aerosol adhesive spray product but those products can be messy, expensive and can clog easily.
Now for your convenience, we now provide peel-and-stick Stick'r Sheets. For a small fee we will provide the set of required patterns onto these self adhesive sheets. Simply cut around the pattern, peel off the back paper and stick'r to the board. Make sure the board as dust free as possible.
You still get the traditional paper patterns with your purchase. Check marking this option will include the required set of Stick'r Sheets.

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