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48-LLSET2 - Little Leaves Set of 14 Scrollsaw Patterns

48-LLSET2 - Little Leaves Set of 14 Scrollsaw Patterns
This is the complete Little Leaf series of scrollsawing patterns. 14 different plan packages featuring many different wildlife animals and fish. Each pattern comes with a corresponding small and larger pattern as well as the corresponding connecting leaf. This is an original pattern series with complete instructions for making these beautiful fretwork leaf plaques. Small leaves are 6 - 7 inches in diameter and the larger ones are approximately 8 inches in diameter. You can use various backgrounds, such as paint, fabric or even plexiglas to make attractive Sun Catchers. They also make great Christmas ornaments.

Plan Author: Sheila Landry

Published Date: 2012

Plan Language: English, all measurements are inches/feet unless stated otherwise.

Wood and/or Supplies needed:
For the 3 smaller leaves use 3/8 inch hardwood sized to fit the patterns
For the larger leaves use 1/2 inch hardwood sized to fit the patterns
Use 1/8 inch Baltic birch plywood for the backboard
Fully detailed supply list is included with the plan.

Tools needed: Scrollsaw and other common workshop tools


  1. 48-LL1001 Eagles pattern package
  2. 48-LL1002 Wolves pattern package
  3. 48-LL1003 Deer pattern package
  4. 48-LL1004 Bears pattern package
  5. 48-LL1005 Loons pattern package
  6. 48-LL1006 Hoofed Animals pattern package
  7. 48-LL1007 Hummingbirds pattern package
  8. 48-LL1008 Pond Life pattern package
  9. 48-LL1009 Wildcats pattern package
  10. 48-LL1010 Butterflies pattern package
  11. 48-LL1011 Waterfowl pattern package
  12. 48-LL1012 Freshwater Fish pattern package
  13. 48-LL1013 Small Mammals pattern package
  14. 48-LL1014 Horse pattern package

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