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34-41656 - Segmented Bowls for the Beginning Turner Book

34-41656 - Segmented Bowls for the Beginning Turner Book
This book is designed for the beginning wood turners ready to take up the challenge of turning segmented bowls and platters. Each step of the process is explained in both straightforward instructions and over 200 clear color photos and patterns. The hallmark of a segmented bowl is the design incorporated into the body. While these designs appear to be complicated and difficult to make, this book simplifies the process. The problem of cutting the segments accurately is solved with instructions for making simple fixtures for your table saw that cut segments with enough precision to avoid complicated sanding and fitting. Using the methods described here, wood turners will successfully create segmented salad bowls, decorator bowls, and serving platters.

Book Author: Don Jovag

Book Format: Book

Book Size: 80 page(s)

Book Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-76434-165-6

Book Dimensions: 11 inches tall 8.5 inches wide

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