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34-04690 - Turning Candlesticks

34-04690 - Turning Candlesticks
Mike Cripps takes the reader through all the steps required to make a handsome, traditional candlestick and an imaginative three section candlestick turned from a single log. Over 230 color photographs taken from the turners perspective illustrate the instructions. In addition, Mike provides an instructive introductory text that presents all of the basic wood turning tools and techniques for beginners. Patterns and a color gallery round out the presentation. This book will provide hours of turning enjoyment for beginners and seasoned veteran turners alike.

Book Author: Mike Cripps

Book Format: Softcover

Book Pages: 64

Book Publisher: Schiffer Books

Book Language: English

ISBN-10: 0764304690

Book Dimensions: 11 inches tall 8.5 inches wide

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