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34-04461 - Outdoor Wood Works With Complete Plans for Ten Projects Book

34-04461 - Outdoor Wood Works With Complete Plans for Ten Projects Book
Outdoor Wood Works is a collection of ideas for improving the environment around our houses. From the fences that frame our homes to the walkways that lead to our front doors, this book explores ways in which wood can improve our little stake in the great outdoors. Hundreds of ideas are presented in full-color photographs. Permanent outdoor fixtures like benches and gazebos make the outdoors more comfortable while flower boxes, retaining walls, and other accents add beauty. There is something for everyone in this book, from play sets for the children to bird and doghouses. Ten complete project plans range from the simplest of constructions-a screen around a utility box, a mailbox stand with planter, and a bench-to more advanced projects including a chair, a picnic table, and an outdoor storage shed. Designers and homeowners alike will love this idea-filled compendium of outdoor plans and projects.

Book Author: Tina Skinner

Book Format: Hardcover

Book Pages: 160

Book Publisher: Schiffer Books

Book Language: English

ISBN-10: 0764304461

Book Dimensions: 11 inches tall 8.5 inches wide

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