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31-TS-1001 - Thoroughbred Rocking Horse Woodworking Plan

31-TS-1001 - Thoroughbred Rocking Horse Woodworking Plan
If you want to see a little tykes eyes light up, give this rocking horse as a present. Stops at the front and rear prevent energetic riders from tipping too far forward or backward while they whoop it up in the saddle. Dowels and wooden balls make footrests and handholds to provide support for young equestrians. We based this one on a 17th century design found in the Museum of London.

Wood and Supplies needed:
We used cherry, but you can use a wood of your choice. A full materials and supplies list is included with the plan.

Tools needed:
Tablesaw, clamps, bandsaw, drill, jigsaw or scrollsaw, belt sander, drum sander, router, plug cutter

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