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31-OFS-1003 - Graceful Reindeer Full Size Woodworking Pattern.

31-OFS-1003 - Graceful Reindeer Full Size Woodworking Pattern.
Add holiday spirit to your yard or homes interior this season with our graceful duo of reindeer. They measure 3ft x 4 ft and can be cut out in an evening using our full-sized patterns. Once the deer are painted and assembled, stand them where guests can marvel at their beauty and simplicity. After the new year, disassemble and stack the parts flat for easy space-saving storage.

Finished Dimensions
Height: 48 inches (120 cm)
Width: 36 inches (90 cm)

Wood and Supplies needed:
1/2 x 48 x 96 inch exterior grade plywood. You will also need carbon paper, wood putty, white exterior paint and a ribbon or bow.

Tools needed:
Jig saw and other common workshop tools.

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