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31-MD-00929 - Three Space Bud Vase Woodworking Plan

31-MD-00929 - Three Space Bud Vase Woodworking Plan
With a handful of that scrap wood you have been keeping for a special project and three cylinder vases. We used spalted maple, walnut and a small amount of wenge to make the one shown here. Before making it you should have the vases, and we provide you with a source to buy them if you cannot find anything suitable at your local dime store.

Finished Dimensions
Width: 6 inches (15.2 cm)
Length: 19.5 inches (49.5 cm)

Plan Author: Marlen Kemmet

Plan Contributors: Craig Ruegsegger, Kevin Boyle, Lorna Johnson

Published Date: 2012

Plan Language: English, all measurements are inches/feet unless stated otherwise.

Wood and/or Supplies needed: 1 of 3/4 x 7-1/4 x 24 inch spalted maple
1 of 3/4 x 7-1/4 x 48 inch walnut
1 of 1 x 7-1/4 x 24 inches walnut
1 of 3/4 x 3-1/2 x 12 inch wenge

Tools needed: Tablesaw, scrollsaw, sander, drill and other common workshop tools

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