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31-MD-00580 - Classic Rocker Woodworking Plan.

31-MD-00580 - Classic Rocker Woodworking Plan.
Talk about comfy! This chairs contoured seat and perfect balance will keep you rockin for a lifetime. Its straightforward construction requires no tricky or angled joints, just 90-degree joints held together with screws, dowels, and round tenons in drilled mortises. Full-size patterns make shaping the curved parts a snap. Weather-resistant oak and stainless steel screws make this rocker tough enough for outdoor use, but looks great inside too.

Finished Dimensions
Height: 47 inches (117.5 cm)
Width: 27 inches (67.5 cm)
Depth: 37 inches (92.5 cm)

Wood and Supplies needed:
We used white oak, and birch dowels, but you can use a wood of your choice. A full materials and supplies list is included with the plan.

Tools needed:
Tablesaw, table mounted router, drill press, bandsaw, planer, drum sander, clamps.

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Reviews and Ratings

By: Thomas F on 05/22/2014 08:59:08 AM

The plan looks to be clear and easy to follow.

I thought I was purchasing Full sized patterns.

By: Wayne C on 01/21/2013 09:52:19 AM

This is not my definition of a full size when you have three separate small rocker patterns that I now have to match up. [Jim says - The plan does contain full size patterns, look at pg 15, 16 and 17.]

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