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31-MD-00296 - Simply Stated Shaker Clock Woodworking Plan

31-MD-00296 - Simply Stated Shaker Clock Woodworking Plan
Like wall clocks built by the Shakers in the early 19th century, our version features clean, unadorned design lines. Although the Shakers frowned upon watches, wall clocks abounded. Today collectors seek out the originals and pay dearly for them. You can either use a solid panel in the door bottom or for a more modern appearance and a view of the pendulum, try a glass insert.

Finished Dimensions
Height: 36 inches (90 cm)
Width: 13 inches (32.5 cm)
Depth: 6 inches (15 cm)

Wood and Supplies needed:
We used cherry, but you can use a wood of your choice. A full materials and supplies list is included with the plan.

Tools needed:
Tablesaw, router, clamps, table mounted router, bandsaw or scrollsaw, drill press, drill, hand tools

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By: Fred on 01/26/2016 09:50:49 AM

Easy to follow plan.

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