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24-017 - Gardeners Greenhouse Building Plan

24-017 - Gardeners Greenhouse Building Plan
This greenhouse consists of a lumber frame suitable for a cover such as a clear UV resistant polythene film. It is 8ft (2400mm) wide by 10ft (3000mm) and stands 8ft 6inch (2550mm) off the ground at the highest point. There are two opening windows that span along the very top of the greenhouse and a door at either end (optional). The greenhouse basically sits on the ground and is held in place by a few stakes around the bottom that are hammered into the ground and nailed to sides of the base. It could be fixed more permanently if required without too much ado, and would probably need to be, if positioned anywhere other than a sheltered area. It is ideal for areas that have just enough winter frosts to be annoying. Choose a place likely to get the winter sun. The greenhouse should not be placed in a potential boggy area without drainage. If the site is a low lying area, then it might be necessary to put in a drain (open, tile or metal) to re-direct any water flow away from the greenhouse site.

This greenhouse building plan includes:
Description, Position, Page contents
2: Disclaimer, the yada yada Read Me stuff
3: Sizes, Angles, What you will need
4: Making the base
5: Making the side wall-frames
6: Making the roof sections
7: Erecting the side walls and roof
8: Making the end walls and doors
9: Making the window, The cover
10: Appendix - 60 and 30 degree Angle patterns
11: Appendix - Photos of finished project
12: Appendix - More photos

Plan Language: English, all measurements are inches/feet unless stated otherwise.

Published Date: 2011

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