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19-W3687 - Big Shotgun Woodworking Plan

19-W3687 - Big Shotgun Woodworking Plan
Similar to our Big Game Gun double barrel shotgun, but this is a single barrel shotgun. The 5 foot long barrel is made from 1-1/2 inch inside diameter PVC plastic pipe, making it much lighter in weight, yet the same giant 6-1/2 foot length! Everyone will get a big chuckle when they see it, and will want to take it off the rack and hold it! Of course it does not shoot anything, it is just a fun-to-build model. Easy to make from three layers of 3/4 inch thick lumber. This plan also includes patterns for the wall rack with the giant deer hooves. All patterns are drawn FULL SIZE!

Finished Dimensions:
Length: 78 inches (198.1 cm)

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