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Santa Claus Praying On One Knee Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Bigfoot Sasquatch 7ft tall Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Looking for hard to find parts?
Cowgirl Silhouette

05-WC-1220 - Bigfoot Family of Sasquatch Yard Art Woodworking Pattern Set

Woodworking patterns designed and produced by WoodworkersWorkshop®. This product is available as either a paper plan that can be mailed to you, or a PDF plan that you can download. The paper plan set printed on wide format paper to accommodate the full scale drawings. Simply open up the pattern, trace the parts in place and get busy cutting your plywood! Where given, all measurements are in inches. The PDF plan you will download on the checkout page. This is a PDF plan that you will print on regular size paper using your printer settings or take to a local copy centre to print on 36 inch wide format paper.. First save the PDF plan onto your computer or some other safe place you keep your electronic documents so that you are able to access the plan again.

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