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01-6700 - Highchair Tray Hardware Kit

01-6700 - Highchair Tray Hardware Kit
This baby high chair hardware consists of two locks that attach underneath the tray and two tracks that assemble to the outside of the chair arms. The tracks and locks work together to allow the tray to slide in and out to different locking positions, or completely off. Supplied with all necessary attaching fasteners. We cannot guarantee that this hardware kit will work with all high chair project plans we sell or a highchair you might be rebuilding. It should work with rail systems that mount on the side arm and underneath the tray. We do know it will work with high chairs 31-IFS-1003 and 05-WC-0924E.

The spring loaded clip bracket that mounts under the tray is is 3-1/4 x 1 inch, the rail that mounts to the arm of the chair is 5-7/8 inch long and almost 1 inch wide.

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Supplies - A highchair tray hardware replacement kit.

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Highchair Tray Hardware Kit.

By: Pauline on 09/02/2015 08:03:17 AM

So happy to have finally found these. Thank you.

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