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Santa Claus Praying On One Knee Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Bigfoot Sasquatch 7ft tall Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Looking for hard to find parts?
Cowgirl Silhouette


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the painting instructions included?
  2. Can I build these projects and sell them?
  3. Can I buy these projects already made?
  4. Can I buy the PDF version of this plan?
  5. Can I submit photos of projects I have completed?
  6. Do you have a catalog you can mail me or include in my order?
  7. For Canadian customers whose orders have to be shipped from a United States warehouse, why do you not charge/refund the sales tax?
  8. How do I download a PDF plan?
  9. How much does it cost to ship a plan to me?
  10. I lost the plan I bought from you, can you send it to me again or do I have to buy it again?
  11. I provided the wrong delivery address and its already been shipped, can you send it to me again or do I have to buy it again?
  12. What am I buying? Is it just instructions to build a project or is it a kit?
  13. What is a vintage or recycled plan?
  14. What is an e-check?
  15. What is a foreign transaction charge?
  16. What is my order status?
  17. What is tracing paper and how do I use it?
  18. What is your return/refund policy?
  19. When do you re-stock 'out of stock' plans and patterns?
  20. When is my order processed?
  21. Where are the downloadable plans?
  22. Where is my order?
  23. Why am I having difficulty with providing my payment information?
  24. Why am I having difficulty accessing my downloadable plan?
  25. Why have I only received part of my order?
  26. Why have I not received any email correspondence from you?
  27. Where is the tracking information?

  • Q: Can I build these projects and sell them? return to top
    A: Each designer has their own policy on building these projects to sell. Some designers allow you to make up to ten for sale, other designers do not allow any to be made for sale unless you get express permission from them. Each plan has the copyright information on it. If you have a question about a specific plan before buying it, simply contact us and we will get that information to you.
    • The designers of plans that start with 19- do not mind how many projects you make to sell. Obviously if you decide to go state-wide or nation-wide (mass production), you should call first.

  • Q: Can I buy one of these projects already made? return to top
    A: In the past we used to quote a project completed but it was always turned down due to shipping costs, so we stopped offering building services. So the vast majority of the project plans we sell are only available as plans. There are a few projects available as kits, in assembled-finished or assembled-unfinished or unassembled-unfinished. Mostly these are wooden model of vehicles. Check the Supplies main category for kits.
    We suggest you locate a woodworker in your area who can assist you with the building process. If you do not know of a neighbor, ask around at your local hardware/lumber store for woodworkers in your area. Or, check with a local Scout/Girl Guide/4H community groups or high school workshop. The kids usually have woodworking skills competitions. Maybe you could provide the group with a donation in exchange for them building your project.

  • Q: Can I buy the PDF version of this plan? return to top
    A: Only the product names with PDF in the title are downloadable. If the product you are looking at does not have PDF in the title, or, does not cross reference an offer of a PDF in the product's description, then there is no PDF version available. Many designers will not offer a PDF due to all of the copyright issues occurring with illegal file sharing.

  • Q: Do you have a catalog you can mail me or include in my order? return to top
    A: We currently do not produce a paper catalog for a couple of reasons:
    1. The online store is updated every day with new plans to offer and new information. If we printed a paper catalog, it would be out of date before we get it back from the printers.
    2. Paper catalogs are getting expensive to produce. We now offer over 5,000 woodworking plans and products, that would be a very thick catalog.
    3. We are trying to save a few trees , which is really our number one reason.
    You can still shop and pay online or purchase over the phone by calling us. Some of the warehouses we ship from sometimes have flyers on hand, so when a purchase is made, its included with the mailing. Once you get your flyer simply choose the items you like and search for the product code in the online store. If you can't find it, just let us know and we will promptly have it added.

  • Q: For Canadian customers whose orders have to be shipped from a United States warehouse, why do you refund the sales tax? return to top
    A: Items we have to ship from our U.S. warehouses do not require us to collect the sales tax. If you purchase an item in the store that we would typically ship from our Nova Scotia warehouse but for some reason we have to have the item(s) shipped from one of our U.S. warehouses, the sales tax is refunded. Envelopes (containing one or a few woodworking plans) typically pass through CanadaPost without CBSA notification requirements. Parcels (larger orders or orders that contain hardware or supply items) are typically processed by CanadaPost on behalf of the CBSA and while there are typically no import taxes, you will have to pay the sales taxes for your province and CanadaPost also charges a fee for processing the CBSA paperwork.

  • Q: How do I download a PDF plan? return to top

    Try the free download before you purchase. Read further down for information on downloading the free plan.

    SHORT VERSION - Make your purchase. Download from the checkout page. Save to your computer.


    Step-by-Step Instructions: If you have never downloaded a file before, it may appear difficult to do but it really is easy. You just have to do it a couple times to understand how your own computer operates and handles downloadable files. 4 easy steps: Click on the download link. Enter the username and password. Save the file to your computer. Open the file.
    Some points and tips to know :
    1. The digital download access information is offered to you on the final page of the checkout after you have paid (bold red lettering). In case you missed that on the final checkout page or if you experience difficulty downloading the plan at that time, the download information is also emailed to you.
    2. You have to click on that download link and your browser will open a small blank page.
    3. You will be asked to enter the username and password to access the PDF. That username and password is located underneath the download link that was presented to you. Attempting to use any other information will not work.
    4. The username and password are case sensitive, so they have to be typed in exactly as you see it. It is preferred you manually type in the information rather than copy and paste because on some computers, when a person copies a line of text, they sometimes pick up an empty space before or after what it is they are copying. If you do that for a username or password, it will not work because the empty spcce is not a part of the username or password.
    5. Some AOL and Gmail users experience difficulty clicking on that link from within their email account. If you run in such difficulty, then open that link in a new browser tab or window and continue.
    6. Once you have entered the username and password correctly your computer will ask you to save the file somewhere on your computer. You should save the plan on your computer so that you can print it off when you have the time. Remember where you saved it.
    7. IF your computer does not ask you where to save it, then most likely your computer is set up to automatically save downloadable files. If that is what happens, look in the download folder on your computer or wherever you set up your computer to save such files.
    8. Once your computer is done downloading the file, usually within 30 seconds or less, your browser may still have that blank page open (mentioned earlier). You can now close that blank page.
    9. Some people have their computer set up to open a downloaded file right away. If your computer is not set up like that, do not assume that the download did not work. First check where you saved the file, find it and open it.
    10. You can try downloading the file again.
    11. You can always contact us if you are still having difficulty.
    12. Test drive our download process without having to pay. We are offering a few free woodworking plans, so you can try it out. Go to the product page, add it to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout as a Guest or create an account.

  • Q: How much does it cost to ship a plan to me? return to top
    A: We ship world wide. Shipping cost depending on what you are buying, where it will ship from, where you live, and how you want it shipped. To find out what it will cost, you can run an order through the shopping cart, enter your name and prior to any payment requirements, you will be shown shipping options.Some of the designers we work with want to ship their products themselves.
    It all depends on the weight of your order, whether the order ships flat in an envelope or if its bulky and has to ship as a parcel. Its possible that at other times you might have chosen multiple products that would ship from different locations. Each warehouse has their own shipping charge so not all shipping charges are the same. The warehouses charge us for the cost of mailing and we pass that on to the customer. Your purchase of the item is your legal agreement to accepting the delivery charge we presented to you prior to you providing your payment information.

    If you feel the delivery cost is high we invite you to contact us FIRST before you pay to see if we can offer suggestions on maybe switching products around to get the best cost.

  • Q: I provided the wrong delivery address and its already been shipped, can you send it to me again or do I have to buy it again? return to top
    A: If you provided an incorrect delivery address and the order has already shipped, you have two options:
    1. You can wait for the item to be returned by the post office and we can mail it again. Upon return, typically we can ship it again the next day, without you incurring any additional mailing costs. Waiting for returned mail and then sending it to you again can take upwards to a month or longer for the post office to fulfill its delivery responsibility.
    2. You can repurchase your order with the correct delivery address and we will ship it. But that means you will have then paid for your order twice. When we receive back the first mailing that had the incorrect delivery address, we will refund you the purchase price of the product you bought but not the shipping cost. Unless you had purchased a trackable delivery method, there is no guarantee when returned mail will arrive, if it even arrives back to us. The post office is well known for losing mail.

  • Q: I lost the plan I bought from you, can you send it to me again or do I have to buy it again? return to top
    1. We understand that computer problems can occur. If you bought a PDF downloadable plan, we will send the PDF to you again if you contact us within 60 days of your original purchase. We will send it to you this one extra time as a courtesy. You are responsible for ensure you keep the PDF copy in a safe place. After 60 days, you will have to purchase the plan again.
    2. If you bought a paper plan, you will have to purchase it again.

  • Q: What am I buying? Is it just instructions to build a project or is it a kit? return to top
    1. Please understand that we do not sell the actual pre-built item and neither do we have a source as to where you can find someone to build a project for you. What we sell here are woodworking plans to build the items we display in our product listings.
    2. We sell paper plans that are mailed to you and we also sell a selection of downloadable plans. You can see which plans are downloads because they have PDF in the name of the project.
    3. The majority of our plans come with full-sized drawings to make it easier for you to build your project. Plan series that start with the following numbers provide full sized (full scale) drawings: 04-,05-,07-,08-,11-,18-,19-,21-,25- have full scale curves as options, 29-, 31- have some yard art, 36-, and 42-.
    4. Most come with detailed instructions for building and finishing your project. The one series of plans that provides only the drawing and no instruction is the #07 series (scrollsaw plans that start with 07-). Its assumed you know how to cut scrollsaw patterns.
    5. If you purchase more than one of the same woodworking plan, we will be contacting you by email to confirm your order. If you do not reply within 24 hours, your order will be ship to you as you ordered it. That is why it is so important you provide a correct email address and you check your Shopping Cart quantities before you proceed to Checkout and you should also check your email for a message to check your Order Status /Feedback page.

  • Q: What is a vintage or recycled plan? return to top
    A: A vintage plan is a woodworking plan that was produced many years ago. The copy you see here is one that we acquired through the purchase of wholesale lots of woodworking plans from individuals, estate sales or inventory buy outs of companies no longer in business. We have inspected the plan to make sure its condition is suitable for sale. The price reflects its condition. Sometimes the plan is in excellent condition, therefore it is sold at full value. If the condition of the plan is less than perfect, we will note that in the description and adjust the price accordingly. Please see the larger image slideshow to see pictures of the item you will receive. This plan may reference hardware parts that are no longer available so please be flexible in your building process. It will be up to you to source the replacement parts for the vintage plans. We do not have sources for out-of-date parts unless otherwise stated in the description.

  • Q: What is an e-check? return to top
    A: Your order status is still pending processing. I still do not have the payment received to our account yet. The way in which you paid for your order (e-check) required your bank to fund the purchase because you did not have enough money in either your Paypal account (if you have one) or the card you were using to pay with. The estimated time it will take for me to receive your payment is 3 to 8 days. So, it takes some time for the money to transfer. It works like this:
    1. You bought and authorized payment for your purchase.
    2. The Credit Card Processor/PayPal makes the request for funds from the account you choose to pay from. If you do not have enough money to fund the purchase and your account or credit/debit card is set up to withdraw from your bank account to fund purchases then we have to wait for that fund request from your bank. That can take a number of days.
    3. Your bank then transfers the money to us. At this point the money has left your account.
    4. As soon as the payment enters our account (24-48 hrs), I am notified by email and I process your order.
    Always refer to your Order Status page for the most current information we have regarding your order. If you have any questions, just let us know.

  • Q: What is a foreign transaction charge appearing on my credit card? return to top
    A: A foreign transaction charge is a charge made by your bank. Not all banks do it, if this type of charge appears on your card, then your bank does. Its not a charge we made to the customer. So if the customer does return the purchase because they disagree with the foreign transaction charge, we are willing to refund the purchase price (less shipping) however we will not be able to refund a foreign transaction charge because we are not the one's that charged the amount. The customer is advise to call their bank to discuss that concern.

  • Q: What is my order status? return to top
    A: At the time your order was processed by me, an email was sent to you with a link to your Order Status page. All notes related to your order are on that page. If you did not get that email, first please check your spam/junk folder. If the email is not in there, please contact me.

  • Q: What is tracing paper and how do I use it? return to top
    A: Tracing paper has many names. It is also called carbon paper, or transfer paper, or graphite paper. Basically you use tracing paper to trace the pattern onto your surface, where it is a wall or a piece of plywood. I have produced a 14 minute video that shows the basic steps of tracing paper, and cutting out plywood with a jig saw.

  • Q: When do you restock 'out of stock' plans? return to top
    A: Current plans are restocked at least every few weeks. Vintage plans are only available as we obtain them. Since the majority of vintage plans are no longer printed by the designer either due to age or gone out of business, the plans are not available for immediate purchase and re-supply. We search the internet, craft markets, used book stores and anywhere else we think we can find them. We will even buy the plans back from customers. If you have some to sell, let us know!

  • Q: Where are the downloadable plans? return to top
    A: I list the downloadable plans separately from the paper plans. You can easily distinguish them from paper plans by simply looking in the name of the project. If the name has PDF in the title, then it’s a downloadable plan.

  • Q: Where is my order? return to top
    A: Delayed and late orders are frustrating, I understand. If this was perfect world, everything would work every time, all of the time. Since we do not live in a perfect world, here are some issues to consider:
    1. Your Order Status: When you enter your payment information online or over the phone, you are paying for your order at that time. Your card is charged at that time. Orders are not processed for shipping until payments are received. Immediately after you have paid for your purchase you are emailed a receipt. That is not your order status. That is just a confirmation of your payment. When I process your order you are sent a second email. This email has a link to your Order Status page. All notes regarding your order including dates and times are found on that page. Purchases are processed in the order they are received. If we are busy, then that means your order will be processed in due course, typically within 24 hrs.
    2. Cut off time: We try our best to push out as many orders as we can up to the very last minute before the cut off time of 8 am EST.
      1. Here’s the breakdown of how items ship out:
      2. Customer places an order.
      3. We prepare it for shipping.
      4. We ship Mon, Wed and Fri
        • Canadian orders ship out through CanadaPost or FedEx.
        • US and International orders are shipped to our courier who brings it to the USPS sorting facility in Boston.
      5. The courier takes 2 days (or longer depending on weather like winter time) to get it to Boston from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
      6. Once USPS has it, they process it for delivery to the customer.
        • US customer orders are shipped through the USPS postal system.
        • International orders are shipped through the DHL courier system.
    3. I have no control over how long USPS takes to update their tracking information.
    4. So, while the USPS shipping method mentioned in the email you received from USPS may say 2 or 3 days, it will take longer than that 2-3 days.
    5. That is why, in the online store’s shopping cart when you chose a delivery option like “Delivery Method: Main Warehouse ­ USPS First Class, tracked, estimated 6­-9 business days” for the slowest shipping option, I have it as 6-9 business days so that I do not misrepresent the delivery time to you, the customer.
  • In general, you should receive your order in about a week, depending on weather conditions for mail transport and how close your address is to the USPS Boston mail sorting facility.
  • Courier processing times - If you selected faster shipping (example 1 day Priority), that means the 1 day time frame is from the time the courier receives the parcel and the time it is delivered. It does not mean your order gets preferential treatment to jump ahead of processing other customer orders before yours. If you are in a real need for the purchase, contact us for additional fees to make the special trip to the courier depot. Tracking numbers are provided once the parcel is in the courier system.
  • About items that are downloaded: Orders for downloadable plans have the opportunity to download the plan on the final checkout page. You are given a special username and password to gain access to the downloadable plan(s).
    • It is not a username or password that you create.
    • It is not your account username/password.
    If case you failed to download the plan on the checkout page, you are also immediately sent an email to you so that you can download the plan. If you did not get that email, please check your spam and junk folders first before contacting me. Occasionally an email will not arrive due to some email systems preventing our emails from getting through. With every order, the customer gets at least two emails from my store. One at the time they placed their order (automatically sent) and it is this first email that contains the download link, username and password. The second email sent to you is when I physically handle your order, sent by me. That second email contains a link to an Order Status/Feedback page. If you get some emails but not all, check your junk/spam folders. If you feel you are still missing information, contact me.
  • The delivery times I post on the checkout page are the times we were given by the post office for such delivery methods in combination with the average delivery times I have seen over the years. It is not guaranteed. The delivery time is from the time your order is shipped, it is not from the time you place your order.
  • If your order is late in arriving:
    1. The first thing I will ask you is to confirm the Delivery Address you provided is correct. Please review the invoice sent to you. If you did not print or keep your copy, let me know and I will email it to you.
    2. If the Delivery Address you provided is not correct, meaning you made a mistake in providing me accurate mailing information, then you will have to make your purchase again. If the original order is returned to me, I will refund the purchase price of the items you bought, but not the shipping cost. (also read here)
    3. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have received their order within 30 days of purchase. We cannot be held responsible to ship the item(s) again if the customer delays in contacting us 30 days after the purchase date.
    I would greatly appreciate your understanding if an order is delayed or lost. Patience and courtesy goes a long way when dealing with such situations.

  • Q: Why am I having difficulty with providing my payment information? return to top
    A: There are several reasons why your card would not allow the sale. Its your card company that declined the sale, not us. We have a secure checkout and there are no problems with us processing most cards. When you enter your purchasing information, you are working directly with the card processor. We don't get to see your card information. Every day we work with customers whose card was declined, so it is a common occurance. We have outlined some of the reasons below.
    If you did enter all information correctly, the simplest solution is to call your card company and tell them you are attempting to make a purchase from WoodworkersWorkshop® for $xx.xx (whatever the amount of your invoice is). Your card company will authorize that amount. Once they give the approval you can return to the store and make the purchase again, or call me, and we can attempt it over the phone. Over the phone I can accept Visa or Mastercard. Through the online store we can accept all major credit cards.
    Here are some reasons we see regularly,
    1. You entered your card information incorrectly. Please check your information and try again.
    2. Your card is fairly new, most newer cards have restrictions in place that prevent a person from using their card. See Point #3 next.
    3. You are using the card for the first time online and your purchase history does not show similar purchasing patterns (buying over the Internet).
    4. Our main office is in Nova Scotia, Canada. Therefore your card company sees that you are purchasing from a company outside your country. This is a common reason for declined purchases.
    5. Your credit/debit card is tied to your checking account. In many instances, the cardholders bank will not allow their card to be used. You will have to provide another type of card or you can mail in a money order.

  • Q: Why am I having difficulty accessing the PDF downloadable plan? return to top
    A: There are a few reasons why you might have difficulty:
    1. The download link is only available for 24 hrs. Please download your PDF at the time of your purchase. That time frame is clearly stated in the Checkout page instruction prior to paying.
    2. If you cannot download it right away, wait a few minutes for the download information to be sent to your email account (it is sent automatically after you have paid), read the instructions and try again. Check your spank/junk folder because sometimes our email lands in there.
    3. AOL and Gmail accounts can sometimes block your browser so copy/paste the download link into a empty browser page and try again.
    4. It is recommended you not copy/paste the username and/or password. Type in the information.
    As a courtesy we provide a 30 day time period whereby we will email the PDF to you again if you discovered you failed to save the PDF correctly, or if you lost your PDF for some reason. We will only email the PDF to the email account associated with the purchase. We believe 30 days is more than sufficient time to provide a back up copy to you.

  • Q: Why did I only get a part of my order? return to top
    A: If you check your Order Status page you will see an explanation as too why your order is a split shipment. At the time your order was processed by us, you were sent an email thanking you for your order and a web page link is provided in that email. If you did not get that email, first check your spam/junk folder. If you still don’t have it, contact me and I will send it to you again. In most situations, you bought several plans and some of the plans have to ship from one warehouse while other plans have to ship from another warehouse. The post office does not deliver them all at the same time. Sometimes there can be a week or longer, depending on what warehouse was shipping.

  • Q: Why have I not received any email correspondence from your company? return to top
    A: When you create an order we send out several emails to you. If our emails do not appear in your Inbox, we recommend you first check your spam/junk folder and look for any email with ‘WoodworkersWorkshop®’ in the subject line. If you have no email from us then your email account provider is blocking our email from getting to you.
    1. After you submitted your credit/debit card information in our secure checkout and it was successful, you have paid for your order. You will be automatically sent right away an email to show a receipt of your purchase.
    2. If you bought a downloadable PDF plan, you will also be sent another email right away with the download information.
    3. When we get to your order to review and process it in our system, you will get an email from us. That email will have a web page link to your Order Status page. It is the responsibility of the customer to visit the Order Status page to see notes about the order they placed.

  • Q: Where is the tracking information? return to top
    1. USPS: For items that ship from our Main Warehouse the USPS tracking number takes a couple of days before tracking shows up on USPS. We have no control over how that occurs, its all up to USPS.
    2. DHL: For items that ship from our Main Warehouse the DHL tracking numbers 3-4 days before it is available to us.

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