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Santa Claus Praying On One Knee Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Bigfoot Sasquatch 7ft tall Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Looking for hard to find parts?
Cowgirl Silhouette

Buyers Guides

There are a number of project plans we sell that list hardware items that we do not carry in our online store but are available from other online retailers. The project plan will list all the information and you could wait for the paper plan order to arrive and then read what else you might need. Or, you can use our check lists featured below for certain projects and get a head start. Purchase the hardware now so that it too can arrive quickly so you can get started sooner on your woodworking project.
  1. Woodworking Plan 31-IFS-1013 Sewing Center Cabinet Woodworking Plan Buyers Guide


Here are a selection of videos we have produced to demonstrate our products.
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