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Santa Claus Praying On One Knee Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Bigfoot Sasquatch 7ft tall Yard Art Woodworking Pattern
Looking for hard to find parts?
Cowgirl Silhouette

R-ANH1155 - Victorian Dollhouse Vintage Woodworking Plan.

This is a vintage plan. We classify a plan as vintage based on two primary conditions; 1. its at least 20 years old and/or 2. the company that produced the plan is no longer in existence. Vintage plans were typically printed many years ago, thus, they may not contain the same amount of detail as found in plans produced today and they may refer to hardware and terminology not currently in use today. The copy you see here is one that we acquired through the purchase of wholesale lots of woodworking plans from individuals, estate sales or inventory buy outs of companies no longer in business. We have inspected the plan to make sure its condition is suitable for sale. The price reflects its condition. Pictures we use are either ones directly from the plan, or from images we found online. Please see the larger image slideshow to see pictures (if available) of the item you will receive. This plan may reference hardware parts that are no longer available so please be flexible in your building process. We do not have sources for out-of-date parts unless otherwise stated in the description above.

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