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Folding Bench Picnic Table

07-F1-1 - Trout Downloadable PDF Scroll Saw Pattern

Tom Mullane was a graphic artist and web designer who had a deep appreciation of the beauty that can only be found in wood. Tom said: Some of the patterns have been created from original artwork of other artists and were acquired on the internet or from the original artist, I wish to thank these artists for posting their work so that I could create these fine patterns... I do not claim copyright of the original artwork, only copyright of the scrollsaw patterns. This is a scrollsaw pattern only. Tom assumes that you know how to use scrollsaw pattern so there are no instructions included. If you are buying the downloadable PDF version, simply print the pattern onto paper, apply the pattern to your wood surface using a removable adhesive, then start cutting out the black shaded portion. If you are buying the paper plan version, you have the option to have the pattern printed onto a self adhesive sheet which will then be mailed to you.

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