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Scrollsaw Patterns

Scrollsaw Patterns

Scroll saw patterns have been around for hundreds of years. A lot of woodworkers enjoy scrollsawing because of the minimum amount of tools and space required to be involved. Scrollsawing is a great way to pass many hours of time. Some say its a great stress reliever too!

Woodworking Plans Categories
Scrollsawing Books of Patterns

Books about scrollsawing are always a great value because you get plenty of full size patterns, not to mention all of the tips and advice that the scrollsawing authors contribute to their books.

Basket Scrollsaw Patterns

Making baskets using a scroll saw can provide some interesting results. From just a flat board to a basket that collapses onto itself to store flat in a matter of 30 minutes. That is the sort of fun things that can be done with basket scrollsawing patterns.

Bears Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

We can bearly contain ourselves... these scrollsawing patterns are so cute! Could not resist saying that. :)

Birds Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Scrollsawing for the birds! Some fun intarsia projects, and even some oddball projects... from acorns to woodpeckers!

Bookends Scrollsaw Patterns

Small bookstands and end book ends are a great way to use up scrap wood with your scroll saw. In as little as an hour you can make a set of book ends to add some order to disorder on you desk or shelf.

Boxes and Caddys Scrollsaw Patterns

A scroll saw is just the right size woodworking tool for making music boxes and jewelry boxes to store trinkets.

Calendars Scrollsaw Patterns

Make a date with your scrollsaw! Calendars can come in all shapes and sizes, whether framed or as a crafty desktop set. A great way to make use of scrap wood.

Candleholders Scrollsaw Patterns

With a few scrap pieces of wood and a bit of time at your scroll saw, you will be amazed at the candle holders you can create for your home or as gifts. All sorts of patterns to create trays and holders for votive candles, tapered candles and even mantle or tabletop centerpieces.

Cats and Kittens Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

No doubt about it, kittens are cute. And cats too although some cats have a mind of their own! If you ever tired to get a cat to fetch something, you will know!

Clothes Hangers Scrollsaw Patterns

In a matter of minutes you can cut out these fun theme clothes hangers that will surely surprise the kids and MAYBE even make it fun for them to hang up their clothes!

Clocks Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Make one of these clocks to watch the time pass. But we are sure you would rather keep you time spent at your scrollsaw. And anybody who has scrolled, knows how fast time can go!

Crafty Corners Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Hanging out on the corner brings on a whole new meaning with these collections scrollsaw patterns. Fun themed corner hanging crafts that you could create and swap out through the year. A great way to announce house guests that this home enjoys the holidays!

Dogs and Puppies Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

No one can resist the cuteness of a puppy dog. And they grow up to be members of the family in every sense of the word. Maybe you can show your love for dogs by making one of these projects. Or maybe give as a gift to a dog lover in your life.

Door Harp Scrollsaw Patterns

Door harps are a crafty and fun way to annouce guest that pass through your door. Far better that the monotone beeeep of a electronic eye.

Eagles Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Whether an eagle soars high in the air or perched a top a look out spot, they have eyes that do not miss any detail. Your pride will soar too once you have finished one of these outstanding scrollsaw projects.

Fishing Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Go fish for our next scrollsaw pattern in here! Years from now you will be telling your tale of all the hours it took to land...we mean scroll... the BIG ONE mounted on your wall!

Flowers Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Flowers have the power to pretty up an area, no matter if its outdoors or indoors. In here we have all kinds of flower patterns and projects from super easy to the more advanced.

Gumball Machines Scrollsaw Patterns

Just an hour or two and you can have all the parts cut out to make any one of this fun gumball machines. Visitors to your home or office will have no idea until they learn the secret dispensing method to get the candy.

Horses Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Everybody loves horses! Some are scared of them but deep down they wish they could get close too. Such a majestic animal and intelligent too.

Lamps and Lighting Woodworking Projects

Now here is a bright idea! Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a custom, solid wood lamp, just build your own! This category displays our paper plan inventory, we also sell many of these as downloadable PDFs. If avaiable, the PDF will be referenced on the individual product page.

Leaf Scrollsaw Patterns

These scroll saw leaf patterns, when completed as a woodworking project, make great gifts. Especially to the nature lovers among us.

Lions and Big Cats Scrollsawing Woodworking Patterns

Lions are the master of their domain. Scrollsaw one of these and you too will be labeled the master of your scrollsaw!

Models Scrollsawing Woodworking Patterns

It is simply astounding the amount of time and effort goes into making some of these intricate models, especially the big rig construction vehicles. Scrollsawing patterns for different skill levels.

Moose Deer Elk etc Scrollsawing Woodworking Patterns and Projects

Whether its a majestic scenic view of a elk in the forest, or, a moose nutcracker... there is surely some fun scrolling time ahead for everyone.

Medieval Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Scrollsawing patterns are a wonderful way to pass the time with minimal investment in equipment and workspace. This paper plans category shows a variety of medieval, mythological, mystical, and fantasy scrolling patterns.

Native Artwork Scrollsawing Woodworking Patterns

The spirit world calls upon those with the talent to scroll one of these projects. Patience is key and time passes so quickly when bent over the scrollsaw table. But its not time wasted.

Nautical and Marine Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

Everybody loves the water. Maybe its a calling from where we came from so long ago that draws us to the shores.

Ornament Scrollsaw Patterns

Scrollsawn ornaments can hang almost anywhere, windows, pin boards, holiday decorations. This category lists the paper plan version and we offer an extensive list. Many are also available as PDF downloads and we list them separately in our store. Simply look in the production description for the link reference.

Other Animal Scrollsaw Patterns

For an animal assortment of wildlife and pets that do not fit into specific categories we currently list, you will them them in here.

Patriotic USA Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

Americans! Show your pride in the good ol USA and your craftmanship by scrolling one of these scrollsaw patterns.

People and Celebrities Scrollsawing Woodworking Patterns

Some pretty famous people are depicted in these scrollsawing patterns. Scroll one of these plans and you too could become famous with family and friends!

Religious Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

Show your faith and spread the word with a personal touch by creating one of these projects and give as a gift. Some really good patterns that sell well at craft shows too.

Seasonal Christmas Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year to share time with family and friends. What better way to share the moment than with one of these scroll gifts that you can make from the pattern selection.

Shelfs and Fretwork Scrollsaw Patterns

Scrollsawn shelves can be very delicate in nature and is sometimes refered to as fretwork scrolling. While these shelves are not designed to carry a heavy load, you could place trinkets, candles and small potted plants on them.

Thanksgiving Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

Gives thanks in any number of ways, like with a great scrollsaw project!

Tigers Scrollsaw Woodworking Patterns

You can earn your stripes as a scroller when you complete a tiger pattern project like the ones we have listed here.

Transportation Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

If you love automobiles, big rigs, construction equipment or any other sort of transportation vehicle, these meticulously drawn patterns will keep you busy for hours. We also have a Models category too so do not forget to look there too.

Wild West Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

Saddle up to your scroll saw for some stagecoaches model making and bareback buck broncin fun!

Wolves Scrollsawing Woodworking Patterns

Show your scrollsaw the animal side of your skills. Wolf and wolverine scrollsaw patterns are a favorite of scrollers everywhere.

Wreath Scrollsaw Patterns

Scrollsawn wreaths are a perfect way to make use of small scrap wood pieces. Whether its a Christmas wreath or for Halloween or another occasion, these wreaths are fun way to decorate your entrance and provide a welcome greeting to visitors.

Zebras Scrollsawing Woodworking Projects and Patterns

If you like stripes, do we have some patterns for you! These patterns might leave you a little cross eyed by the time you are done but they have such a WOW affect on people who see the completed project.

Misc Scrollsaw Patterns

For a mixed bag of scrollsawing patterns that do not fit into any one specific category, you will find the oddball items in here.

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