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This is the Construction category of information.

Build it and they will come. Whether you are a carpenter or a woodworker we are all in the same trade.

Patching A Shallow Hole In Wood Siding, free woodworking construction techniques
Patching A Shallow Hole In Wood Siding

A rectangular cut is made in solid wood siding, and a new piece of wood is glued and screwed in place....
HammerZone (information)
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Sponsored Link: NAHB Research Center Advancing Technology in Housing, information construction buiding homes research
NAHB Research Center Advancing Technology in Housing

The NAHB Research Center is a full-service product commercialization company that strives to make housing more durable and affordable. Bottom line, we help push new building technologies into the residential market through our integrated consulting s...
NAHBRC (information)

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information woodworking resource from 1stVinylSiding - information 1st Vinyl Siding 
Need house siding? We provide buying guides and information on exterior vinyl, wood, and aluminum house siding installation; and serve as a gateway for requesting cost prices.
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information woodworking resource from TimberFrame - building construction homes offices barns Acadia Post and Beam 
Acadia Post & Beam uses a type of system which is based on proven building concepts which have been in existence for over 4,000 years. Post & Beam is a rigid, self supporting structure. The timbers come together using rugged mortise and tenon joinery secured with a wooden peg. Most wood framed structures over 100 years old still standing today boast some form of Post & Beam construction.
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information woodworking resource from Rona - information,construction,walls,free,interior,articles,how to Add an Interior Wall 
A guide to help you with the addition of an interior non-load bearing wall in your home.
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information woodworking resource from ABRP - restoration buildings construction American Building Restoration Products 
ABR Products, Inc. is the trusted name when it comes to providing skillfully engineered products that improve productivity and efficiency for residential, commercial and industrial applications worldwide. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations in every area of our business: product design, application engineering, system education and certification, operations and customer service.
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information woodworking resource from American Steel Span - American Steel Buildings, steel buildings, buildings, metal buildings, steel, metal, American Steel Span, american steel, portable buildings, shelters American Steel Span 
Manufacturer of Prefabricated Arch Style Steel Buildings. A resource for information about steel buildings, metal buildings, storage units, portable buildings, barns, hangars and steel structures.
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information woodworking resource from TimberFrames - building construction homes Atlantic Timberframes 
Atlantic Timberframes takes pride in producing timber frame homes from the farms of Pennsylvania to the north woods of Alaska.
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information woodworking resource from BCDex - canada canadian building information B.C. Construction and Landscaping Network 
Welcome to BCdex and the BC Construction and Landscaping Network, your internet directory for the construction and landscaping industries in British Columbia.
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information woodworking resource from Poultry Help - chicken coops,barn pens,farming,coops,large,wooden,barns Barn Pen Construction 
Here is the way the inside of the barn looks now. The pens are done on both sides. All the chicken wire is up, and the roosts and nest boxes done and installed in all the opens.
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information woodworking resource from Brampton Brick - bricks,construction Brampton Brick 
When it comes to good looks and great value, Brampton Brick products are the best investment for your home.
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information woodworking resource from DIYNetwork - soffits,construction,information,diy,free woodworking,free projects,do it yourself,build Build a Soffit 
Soffits are great for hiding ductwork. Follow along and learn how to build a soffit.
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information woodworking resource from BuilderOnline - building construction information BUILDER Online Builder magazine 
An online builders magazine.
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information woodworking resource from BuildingBC - information Building British Columbia 
The Building B.C. website is an online resource for any company that wants it is products and services to be known to others in the Building trades community in B.C. and around the world. It is also a great resource for the person remodeling or building their own home to find companies to hire or to pick up home building and remodeling tips.
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information woodworking resource from BuildingOnline - information construction Building Online 
The most extensive directory listing of building industry professionals.
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information woodworking resource from CWC - construction information associations councils Canadian Wood Council 
The Canadian Wood Council CWC is the national association representing manufacturers of Canadian wood products used in construction. Through its member Associations, the Council represents those manufacturers.
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information woodworking resource from Chemcrest - construction information mouldings millwork building Chemcrest Architectural Products 
Chemcrest manufactures high-quality architectural details and building components made with high-density polyurethane. High-density polyurethane is an exceptional composite material that is especially well-suited to building materials. It provides low-maintenance, light weight, and design flexibility in a material that is very easy to work with.
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woodworking videos woodworking resource from FineHomeBuilding - roofing,rafters,building,construction,sketchup,Google 3D,3-D warehouse,furniture,drawings,free woodworking plans,projects,do it yourself,woodworkers De-Mystifying Hip Roof Framing by Measuring in SketchUp 
With this 3 part video series, learn how to measure angles for hip roof rafters. Step by step instructions.
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information woodworking resource from FamilyHandyman - construction,stud lumber,drilling holes,chasing wires,electrical,free woodworking plans,projects,patterns Drill holes in studs 
You get two benefits when you build or remodel with wood studs. The studs provide the strength and framework for the structure, and the empty spaces between the studs serve an important function, too: They provide the perfect place to run pipes, vents, drains, wires and ductwork.
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information woodworking resource from ThisOldHouse - walls,interior walls,partition walls,construction,free,woodworking,projects,do it yourself,woodworkers Frame a Partition Wall 
Building a simple partition wall - a stud wall that divides an interior space without bearing any load - is a perfect introduction to the basics of home construction.
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information woodworking resource from TimberFrameMag - information construction Goshen Timber Frames Magazine 
The purpose of this website is to help you make informed decisions throughout the process as you fulfill your dream of living in a beautiful post & beam home. The articles you will find here include information about timber frame design, cost, enclosure, tools, techniques, finishes, electric, plumbing, and many other issues that you will need to explore.
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information woodworking resource from HomeTips - construction,house framing,diy,free woodworking,projects,do it yourself,carpentry,building a house House Framing 
Learn about the two basic methods used for framing a house.
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Sponsored Link: Stud Finding-Patching Plaster, construction remodeling walls studs tips information
Stud Finding-Patching Plaster

When I need to find a stud in a wall, I just grab my handy electronic stud finder and go to it. These gadgets are inexpensive, and in my experience, work very well. But what if you have an older home with thick plaster walls -- too thick for the stud...
WoodworkingTips (information)

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Father Christmas Sinter Klaas Wind Chime Woodworking Plan woodworking plan
Squirrel Feeder Ferris Wheel Woodworking Plan woodworking plan
Swinging Chipmunks & Possum Woodworking Plan woodworking plan
Take Apart Cars Woodworking Plan woodworking plan
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