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This is the Boats category of information.

Some good woodworing information on an ancient and noble craft.

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information woodworking resource from BearMountainBoats - information boat building construction canoes kayaks woodworking Bear Mountian Boats 
Ted Moores, owner of the Bear Mountain Boat Shop, is renowned for pioneering the woodstrip/epoxy construction technique which enables anyone to construct a strong and beautiful canoe or kayak with a minimum of carpentry skills.
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information woodworking resource from DuckTrapPress - boat building books information Duck Trap Press 
Duck Trap Press is an offshoot of our years of boatbuilding. We publish and distribute Walter Simmons boatbuilding books, from the classic Lapstrake Boatbuilding to the most recent, Wherries. These books are intended to be used, not simply to decorate a coffee table. And we have introduced Boatbuilding in Pictures CDs as well...
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information woodworking resource from DuckTrapPress - information boat building construction Duck Trap Woodworking, boatbuilders since 1970 
The purpose of this page is to provide you with ready access to information throughout this part of our site by means of individual links...just click and you will be taken directly to where you want to go.
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information woodworking resource from OneOceanKayaks - wooden sea kayaks woodworking boat building Ocean One Kayaks 
This site is dedicated to design and construction of high performance wooden sea kayaks.
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information woodworking resource from WoodenKayaks - woodworking kayaks boats building Wooden Kayaks - Plans and kits to make your own wooden kayaks 
There is a quality about a finely crafted wooden kayak which is hard to describe. They have a sensuousness not typical of other traditional wooden boats. Their motion through the water seems somehow smoother than other kayaks. The sweep of the sheer and the smooth arc of the deck draw the hand as well as the eye.
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information woodworking resource from WoodenBoats - woodworking boat building magazines information WoodenBoat Publications 
For over 30 years WoodenBoat Publications has provided readers with a dynamic editorial environment that combines emerging technologies with traditional methods of boat design, construction and repair.
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