Free Woodworking Plans - Houses

  •  Farmhouse Outdoor Bench
    Build your own outdoor benches for your patio or backyard. Just follow the free woodworking plans at the link.
  •  Bat House
    Bat houses are fully open on the underside where the bats enter. A bat house is a box with internal staggered partitions at the lower edge to give the bats something to grasp as they go in. This bat house has five chambers since bats like small spaces. Free plans at the link.
  •  Schoolhouse Chalkboard
    This large schoolhouse chalkboard would be perfect for a homeschool room or childrens playroom. Find out how to build it using this free woodworking tutorial.
  •  Farmhouse Coffee Table
    This farmhouse coffee table is made from budget friendly 2 x 4s. At the link you will find the free woodworking plans to build it.
  •  House Shaped Candle Holders
    Build a couple of these house shaped candle holders using thin plywood and hand tools. They could be finished a number of ways to give them a different look.
  •  Round Farmhouse Table
    Build this stylish 60 inch round farmhouse table using the free woodworking plans available at the link. This size seats 4 - 8 people and the base is built using 2 x 4s.
  •  Wooden Stars Farmhouse Style
    Follow along and build different sizes of wooden farmhouse style stars. Perfect for all year round, especially at Christmas time.
  •  Pet Gate or Baby Gate Farmhouse Style
    This farmhouse style gate is perfect for keeping pets contained or babies safe. Build it using these free woodworking plans.
  •  Greenhouse 12 x 16 feet
    Build your own greenhouse using the free woodworking plans located at the link. This one measures 12 x 16 feet with 6 foot side walls and a maximum of 9 feet in the center.
  •  Doghouse with Porch
    Build your pooch an outdoor shelter of his own. This doghouse with porch is the perfect one. Free step-by-step plans are available at the link.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Houses

  •  Dollhouse Furniture
    At the link you will find free instructions, and pictures to go with them, on how to build dollhouse furniture including dining tables, chairs, nightstands, beds and more. Each piece can serve two or more purposes.
  •  Farmhouse Dining Chair PDF
    Build a set of farmhouse style dining chairs using the free woodworking instructions located at the link. You can also download the free plans.
  •  60 Inch Round Farmhouse Style Table
    Build this charming farmhouse style table using readily available lumber and the free woodworking plans you will find at the link.
  •  Treehouse Bed
    With just simple tools and these free instructions, you can build a treehouse bed for your little one. It is a fairly inexpensive build especially compared to buying one.
  •  Farmhouse Console Table
    Build this modern farmhouse style console table using the free woodworking plans available at the link. Finished project measures 66 inches long and just over 10 inches deep.
  •  Farmhouse Vent Hood PDF
    A wooden farmhouse kitchen vent hood can be the centerpiece of your kitchen, Build it using these free plans and leave it natural or paint it to match your kitchen.
  •  Playhouse A-Frame
    Build a simple A-Frame playhouse for the backyard. At the link you can follow along with the instructions and build your own.
  •  Tiny House Dollhouse
    This tiny house dollhouse is perfectly sized to suit barbies or 12 inch dolls. At the link you will also find free plans for convertible furniture for your new dollhouse.
  •  House Shelf
    Build a modern shaped wooden house shelf using the free instructions at the link. This wall-mounted shelf is perfect for a childs room or playroom.
  •  Farmhouse Bench 6 Foot
    Using the free plans at the link, you can build this 6 foot long farmhouse bench. Good for indoors our outdoors depending on the wood you choose.
  • Houses Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Wilderness Schoolhouse Woodworking Plan
    Make your own logs, roof boards and other pieces needed to create this wilderness cabin schoolhouse. The logs are made by ripping 3/4 x 3/4 inch strips of pine and then routing all edges. The trick is in knowing the lengths of each piece and where to cut the notches. All these questions are answered in the full size drawings included in the plan. Kids will have a great time stacking all the parts to assemble their very own old fashioned schoolhouse.
  •  Rooster Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Just like a real rooster, this one sits on a high perch so he can watch over his flock. This project is designed as a twin home with an entry hole on each side to accommodate two families of birds. If desired, the center divider can be omitted to make a single family home with a larger nesting cavity. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE.
  •  Fun Playhouse Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Springtime is the time to think about the long summer ahead with the ever lasting question of, What can we do now Mom! A strongly constructed playhouse painted with bright trim is a must for the little girls in the family. Even little boys will have fun playing house. This cunning playhouse is 6 feet high, 7 feet long and 4 feet wide, which allows room for a small tableland chairs and dolls and their accessories. you will find that the short time spent in building it was time well spent when the children move in.
  •  Kitty Corner Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Another in our series of Tree Dweller Birdhouse Plans. We call this series of birdhouses Tree Dwellings because all of the creatures represented like to hang out in the trees! Easy construction from 3/4 inch lumber.
  •  Gingerbread House Ornament Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodworking Plan PDF
    Here we have our Christmas Gingerbread House Ornament decoration. Using the smallest of scrap wood pieces to maximize your wood profits. Paint however you like or leave it plain. Simply size it to how you like and print it to your computer. Beginner skill level.
  •  Spooky House Halloween Silhouette Downloadable PDF
    This haunted silhouette design features a scary house with bats and a witch flying by in the moonlight! This fun Halloween silhouette is a great way to greet visitors to your home, a yard sign poke or your office desk! Custom sizing available to make this a yard art size project.
  •  Wren House Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Building bird houses can be lots of fun. They are easy to make and offer much in return. In song and the destruction of harmful insect you get repaid many times for the effort expended. The enclosed pattern really simplifies building this delightful bird house. No special tools or skill required. Complete material list printed on pattern.
  •  Welcome To The Nuthouse Plaque Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This overlay and segmented Welcome Sign is a great way to introduce yourself to segmentation if you have never tried it. The leaves are easy and very forgiving and will get you acclimated to the process of shaping your pieces using a rotary tool and hand-sanding. This is an original, professionally drawn, scrollsaw pattern with complete, full color photos and instructions.
  •  Enchanted Forest House Scroll Saw Pattern
    Enchanted Forest House woodworking plans - Fun, gingerbread style house, great for tole painting. A dream project for tole painters. A leading selling house in the craft market. Packed with details in...
  •  Slatted Roof Wren House Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This attractive slatted roof Wren House is an easy one to build. Just trace each piece of the full size enclosed pattern. Saw and assemble exactly as the easy to follow, step by step instructions indicate. No special tools or skill required. You will have fun building these colorful houses and long enjoy the shelter they provide your feathered friends.
  •  Scottie House Number Vintage Woodworking Plan
    You can stake out this novelty yard stake on the lawn, or hang it from a bracket attached to a post or tree. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  Italian Bird House Woodworking Plan
    Italian Birdhouse woodworking plans - Can be built without birdhouse features. A woodworking project packed with detail for a showpiece in the home, office or with a protective finish can be displayed...
  •  Outhouse Wren Houses Woodworking Plan.
    This pair of wren houses are designed after nostalgic outhouses! A fun and quirky addition to your yard or garden. Make out of inexpensive cedar fencing. All patterns drawn FULL size.
  •  New England Lighthouse Woodworking Plan
    New England Lighthouse Birdhouse woodworking plans - Can be built without birdhouse features. The New England Lighthouse birdhouse is one in a series of four distinctive houses representing ...
  •  Bavarian House Scroll Saw Pattern
    Bavarian House woodworking plans - House and furniture like the Black Forest. A popular design for a 1 inch = 1 foot scale project inspired by the Black forest houses in the South of Germany. Full scale patterns.
  •  Embroidery Plaque House Downloadable Woodcrafting Article PDF
    Sawbuck projects! Cut it out from scrap wood you probably have in your workshop. A nice wall decoration may be made using a plaque and some basic embroidery material. Beginner skill level.
  •  Teahouse Gazebo Vintage Woodworking Plan
    Relax in this teahouse gazebo with its built-in benches and corner table. The plan guides your construction from footings to roof. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  A Ranch Type of Martin House Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This new design for a martin house has a big advantage over the three or more stories house, in simpler construction and smaller cost. It also is easier to erect and easier to clean. It has only seven compartments, but you can build a second house when your martin colony demands it. These sociable birds will visit their neighbors even though they live in separate houses. The ranch martin house measures 19 inches wide and 40 inches long overall and it requires only one 1 x6 board, one 1 x8 8 board and one 1 x 10 board to build. This craft pattern shows the parts and assembly details. The house is hinged at one end to the base, to open for removing the old nests.
  •  House Bookends Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodworking Pattern PDF
    Here is one way to house your book collection. Cut it out from scrap wood you probably have in your workshop. Beginner skill level. Choose to paint as little or as much detail as you want.
  •  Modern Playhouse Woodworking Plan
    This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. This fun play house is the perfect answer for the back yard or play area of children. Endless hours of fun and imagination can be had! This plan lists the materials needs and shows you how to build the floors, walls and roof too. The doors and windows are shown with construction detail and are functional. The chimney is basically a box on the roof (faux chimney they say nowadays). Full size patterns are provided for the plant shelf brackets and for the valance edge of door hood and plant shelf.
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