Free Woodworking Plans - Garden Gates

  •  Rustic Garden Gate
    Build this quick and easy garden gate using this free step-by-step tutorial.
  •  Garden Gate
    Build a cedar gate with a plexiglass or glass insert using this free tutorial.
  •  Garden Gate
    Build a garden gate using thee free woodworking plans.
  •  Garden Gate
    This garden gate can stand alone with plantings on either side or attached to your fence. Here is how to build one.
  •  Garden Gate with Arbor and Fence
    This easy-to-build entry gate makes your side yard look inviting and extends your homes curb appeal.
  •  Garden Gate
    I always enjoy making gates because they are actually just a simple frame with no complicated joints, yet the finished job is big and looks impressive.
  • Garden Gates Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Six Garden Gateways Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Pictured is one of six attractive gateways detailed, with full size patterns of irregular shaped parts.
  •  Grand Entrance Garden Gate Woodworking Plan
    Build an inviting approach to your backyard with this arbored garden gate. Build this gate as an addition to your existing fence, and walking into your backyard will never be the same again.
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