Free Woodworking Plans - Artists Easels - How to build a painters easel or gallery display easel

  •  Folding Chalkboard Easel
    Build a folding chalkboard easel using this free tutorial. It would make a great gift for a child.
  •  Chalkboard Easel
    This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a childrens chalkboard. You will need the SketchUp software to download this drawing and its freely available online. We do not provide support for this software. Not all drawings have the measurements displayed but you can use the measurement tool in SketchUp to easily and accurately determine the dimensions of each lumber part. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided.
  •  Chalkboard Easel
    Follow along with this great tutorial and build your own chalkboard easel. It is easy!!
  •  Small Display Easels
    Build small easels like this to display your favorite picture or even a chalkboard. Here is the tutorial.
  •  Chalkboard Easel
    My daughters favorite thing. A just my height toddler chalkboard that also works with a roll of craft or freezer paper to become a easel.
  •  Kids Art Easel
    This easel features a folding leg for easy storage and a removable art board. Easy weekend project.
  •  Picture Easel
    This picture easel was made with hand tools and at the link you can watch the video of just how it was done.
  •  Chalkboard Easel
    This plan is super duper inexpensive and simple to make. I just adore the Industrial Chic Style of this piece.
  •  Easel, Finishing
    Applying a finish to a door or flat project lying on a sawhorse can literally be a pain. So to ease the strain on my back and make it less tiring, I built an adjustable easel that holds the workpiece at a comfortable height, as you can see in the photo at this link.
  •  Easel PDF
    Follow along and make an easel with these free plans. They are downloadable too.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Artists Easels - How to build a painters easel or gallery display easel

  •  Folding Easel
    This easy-to-build project makes a terrific Christmas gift for children aged three and up. It folds down for convenient storage and the legs can be lengthened or shortened depending on the childs size.
  •  Easel
    This sturdy, portable artists easel is compact but holds colorful paints, brushes, pencils, markers, and more. And since it has two sides, your kids can enjoy drawing and painting with friends.
  •  Large Easel
    Build a large easel with this handy tutorial. Makes a great place to display something special.
  •  Art Easel
    Build this easel with these free easy woodworking plans. It features a handle at the top for easy transport and a shelf with a stop to corral wayward chalk.
  •  Easel, Kids
    A kids multipurpose easel. Easy to build and fun to use. This is a good example of a simple, easy-to-make kids easel which can be used to accommodate a blackboard, a whiteboard, a clipboard and an artists canvas.
  •  Artists Easel
    Build your own artists easel using this free tutorial which includes materials list, cut list and step-by-step instructions.
  •  A-Frame Tripod Easel PDF
    Build this A-frame tripod easel with these easy downloadable instructions.
  •  Easel, Easy
    This easel design offers both a blackboard and a whiteboard, and you can add a roll of paper for three different artistic opportunities. The tray can hold bins to store craft supplies.
  •  Easel, Wooden
    This wooden easel is a perfect way to display posters, and informational items as well as drawings and paintings. It also makes a great teaching aide for presentations.
  •  Easel, Making an
    An easel is a freestanding, three-legged frame structure, usually made of wood, which is used by an artist to hold a canvas upright while it is being worked on, or to exhibit the piece of artwork. This easel is big, solid and bulky. It stands 6 ft 8 inches high.
  • Artists Easels - How to build a painters easel or gallery display easel Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Young Artists Easel Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    With a chalkboard on one side and cleats to secure paper in the other, this fun-filled project helps bring out the creativity in any child. And do not worry about storing large sheets of paper.
  •  Young Artists Easel Woodworking Plan
    With a chalkboard on one side and cleats to secure paper in the other, this fun-filled project helps bring out the creativity in any child. And do not worry about storing large sheets of paper.
  •  Photo Display Easel Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    If your brush is a camera and your canvas a snapshot, try displaying your photos like works of art. Inspired by the design of a full-size painters easel, this miniature version easily adjusts to display a favorite 5 x 7 photo either horizontally or vertically. You will find the wood scraps you need in your shop and all the other parts at hardware stores or home centers.
  •  Slotted Display Easels 3 Sizes included Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    Here is an easy project which will be used over and over again. If you choose to use a thicker material, adjust the slots accordingly. An original pattern with instructions for three sizes of display easels that you can use with a variety of ornaments and plaques. Great project for someone just starting out in scroll sawing too.
  •  Easel Stand Project
    This is a very quick project to build and requires no hardware. Simply fit the slots together for a sturdy stand. Ideal for many sorts of projects to display in your yard, on your porch or even in your house. Sturdy enough to stand on its own and support your display. However if you intend to use it outdoors, you will still have to stake the stand in place and secure your project to the stand as well to keep the wind from blowing it down.
  •  Easel Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    Norm came up with his own art easel for kids to draw on. Using ideas from several store bought units and his own design efforts, the easel has a chalk board on one side and a paper drawing surface on the other which is feed from a roll on top. The easel frame also has a drawer where the little ones can store all of their art supplies. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual paper plan you are buying.
  •  Four Easels and Display Stands Pack of Woodworking Plans
    There are four easel and display stands in this package of woodworking plans. They include:
    1. An elegant adjustable easel for displaying art or photos in a fine furniture setting. Build in hardwoods to compliment a nicely framed picture. Two brackets can hold the picture frame at many heights. The pole height can be adjusted too. Standard height is 86 inches, width is 18 inches and the base depth is 17 inches.
    2. A Victorian style pictures stand based on Victorian pole screens. Three cabriole legs support a gracefully turned column with brackets that slide to position the picture frame at many heights. This project measures 86 inches tall and 21 inches at its widest footprint of the cabriole legs. Lathe work is required to complete this project.
    3. A three legged artist easel. Adjustable for supporting works of art in progress. Simple design makes it easy to build. The design allows it to collapse, folding flat, and is light enough to carry to your next work location. This completed project measures 86 inches high, 30 inches wide and 32 inches deep when the center leg is extended.
    4. This table easel is easy to make. Made up of two parts that can be cut at the same time (called stack cutting), using 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick MDF, plywood or lumber of your choice. An ideal project to display art, collector plates, photos or books. This project can be adjusted during the construction stage for thicker books. Make smaller or larger by using a copier machine. The stand when opened wide (180 degrees, stores flat) it measures 14 inches wide and 10 inches high.
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