Free Woodworking Plans - Birdhouses

  •  Address Plaque Birdhouse
    At the link you can follow along and build your own birdhouse address plaque.
  •  Birdhouse Windchime
    Add a little whimsey to your backyard after you build this birdhouse wind chime, here is how...
  •  Solar Birdhouse
    Build a unique birdhouse and incorporate a solar light in the top. Here is how to build it...
  •  Towel Holder, paper - Birdhouse
    Our camper trailer just does not have a good place to mount one of those plastic paper towel holders so I decided to make one for the counter. This is a simple project that requires a little imagination.
  •  Birdhouse, Brown Headed Nuthatch
    The Brown-headed Nuthatch Brown-headed Nuthatch Birdhouse (same as for Pygmy Nuthatch) has a 4 inches by 4 inches floor, 9 inches inside ceiling, 1 1/8 inches diameter entrance hole located 7 inches above the floor, ventilation openings and hinged roof. Assembled with screws. Chickadees, titmice, and other nuthatches may use this box.
  •  Birdhouse, Bluebird (Western)
    Mount bluebird houses 3 - 6 feet high on a post in woodland clearings, shelter belt edges bordering fields, among scattered trees, or pasture fence lines.
  •  Birdhouse, Flicker
    The Flicker Birdhouse Plans (same as for Lewis Woodpecker, Saw-Whet Owl, Pigmy Owl and Grackle) has a 7 inches by 7 inches floor, 16 inches inside ceiling, 2 1/2 inches diameter entrance hole located 14 inches above the floor and ventilation openings.
  •  Birdhouse, Grackle (Common)
    The best thing about the Grackle Nestbox is that you will probably find something besides a Grackle in it. It is the same nestbox as for Saw-whet Owl, Pygmy Owl, Lewis Woodpecker, and Flicker. You may also find kestrels, flycatchers and various other owls and woodpeckers using this nest box.
  •  Birdhouse, Bufflehead
    Mount at least 10 feet, higher if possible, on a tree trunk, (6 to 8 feet if on a post above water), in forest bottomlands within 100 feet of a river or a pond. Place some wood chips on the floor. Kestrels, Screech owls and Squirrels may use this box.
  •  Lamp, Birdhouse
    Technical Information for Building a Wooden Birdhouse Lamp.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Birdhouses

  •  Birdhouse, Flicker
    The flicker birdhouse shown in figure 23 is designed to be placed on a post or the stub of a tree. The roof can be lifted in the same way that a stopper is removed from a bottle.
  •  Decorative Country Birdhouses
    These tall and lanky birdhouses are perfect for not so deep shelves in your home and have a warm country look to them. These are crafted within a day and easy to make for novice sawers.
  •  Birdhouse
    This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a birdhouse. You will need the SketchUp software to download this drawing and its freely available online. We do not provide support for this software. Not all drawings have the measurements displayed but you can use the measurement tool in SketchUp to easily and accurately determine the dimensions of each lumber part. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided.
  •  One Board Birdhouse
    Build this birdhouse from a single piece of 1 x 6 x 6 foot pine board. You will also need a piece of dowel for the perch!!
  •  Modern Birdhouse
    With only a few tools and some cedar, you can build this modern birdhouse.
  •  MCM Birdhouse
    If Mid-Century Modern is your thing or if you wish to build a birdhouse that is a little different, then this one is for you.
  •  Birdhouse
    This birdhouse was built using a single 6 foot 1 x 4 inch fence board. Just follow these instructions.
  •  Whimsical Birdhouse
    Build a whimsical birdhouse with these free instructions as well as a downloadable pattern.
  •  Birdhouse, Tall
    This is another very simple project when pre-cut pieces are used. All parts are cut from 3/4 inches pine planking scraps. The bottom is held in place with two 1-1/2 long counter-sink screws. Use the diagrams to cut out all pieces to the specified sizes.
  •  Birdhouse, Build a better
    There is nothing like a family of birds moving in to liven up your yard. Watching them build and tend their nest, and then watching the youngsters grow is fascinating something every kid should see, too. But just banging together any old condo in hopes of attracting some bird-buddies rarely works. You have got to know what they need.
  • Birdhouses Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Birdhouse Creatures II Woodworking Plan
    Birdhouses with personality! By adding the Butler and Baker face details to the front of the house these birdhouses become enchanting tree sculptures. These plans include FULL SIZE patterns for both ...
  •  Cartoon Kids Birdhouses Woodworking Plan
    Everyone loves these silly cartoon head birdhouses. The boy has a propeller on his hat that will spin if the wind hits just right. The girl has a hat with flowers. Perfect for wrens and finches. Outsi...
  •  Three Decorative Birdhouse Woodworking Plans
    One simple to build birdhouse decorated three different ways. Perfect for indoor decorating or use outside to attract wrens, swallows and nuthatches. FULL SIZE plans to built all three designs.
  •  Birdhouse Planter Or Feeder Woodworking Plan Set - 4 Designs included
    Draw in different types of birds with our Birdhouse Plants/Feeders. Largest is 19 inches high x 15-3/4 inches wide x 5-1/2 inches deep.
  •  Birdhouse Canister Woodworking Plan
    Brighten up your kitchen with our Birdhouse Canister!
  •  Cheshire Cat and Cuties Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Our slim summer birdhouse is sure to bring grins from ear-to-ear. You will smile with delight as you cut and paint this colorful 3-D design.
  •  Seasonal Birdhouses Woodworking Plan
    Patriotic, St. Pattys, Easter, summer & Valentines day birdhouses. Largest is the rainbow birdhouse. 5 designs included!
  •  Birdhouse Creatures VII Woodworking Plan
    Birdhouses with personality! This fun plan includes drawings for both Grampa birdhouse creature projects in the set. Make from 3/4 inch pine or cedar.
  •  Gnome Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    This whimsical gnome likes to make his home in the trees. Easy construction from 3/4 inch lumber with a 1-1/4 inch entrance hole, perfect for nuthatches, titmice and wrens. Enlarge the hole to 1-1/2 inches to attract tree swallows and warblers. Has a cavity size of approximately 7-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 5 inches. All patterns are drawn FULL SIZE. Sold separately, we have a fun Gnomette Birdhouse, plan number 19-W3645.
  •  Birdhouses Woodworking Plan Set - 2 designs included!
    For your fireplace mantle or to hang on a wall, these birdhouses are fun and easy to build and paint. Give as gifts or sell at craft shows. Largest is 13 inches high x 9 inches wide x 6 inches deep.
  •  Mockingbird Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Add a decorative touch to your yard or garden with this uniquely shaped birdhouse. Its fun & easy to make from our full-size pattern.
  •  Rustic Country Home Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    It looks like a real antique - but it is not! You build this country home from new materials and coffee cans, then age everything using simple techniques explained on our plans. A project you will be ...
  •  Bluebird Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Make this bright and colorful home for your feathered friends and add a decorative touch to your yard or garden at the same time. Uniquely shaped birdhouse measures about 12 inches wide x 19 inches de...
  •  Acorn Birdhouse Scroll Saw Pattern
    Give some lucky bird a great home or decorate that special spot inside your own home with this charming little birdhouse. Make it from layers of wood and sand for a hand-carved look. Our full-size pat...
  •  Old West Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    2 patterns, 1 price! Two unique projects straight from the ol west! This unique birdhouse and feeder would make a great addition to any yard. Full size pattern for both.
  •  Cedar Birdhouses III Woodworking Plan
    Four great cedar projects for the birds! Just imagine the activity you will see with these beautiful projects in your yard or garden this spring. Welcome nesting birds this coming spring with these fo...
  •  Cedar Birdhouses Woodworking Plan
    Welcome nesting birds to your neighborhood with these three stylish, simple-to-make cedar designs. All three designs included in this pattern pack. The basic shape birdhouse is 10 x 8 x 7 inches. The ...
  •  Outhouse Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Even birds need a place to go! All patterns drawn full size.
  •  Adobe Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    What a conversation piece! All plans drawn full size.
  •  Noahs Ark Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    This Noahs Ark birdhouse features giraffes, elephants and zebras looking for land as they drift about. An easy project to make from 3/4 inch lumber. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE. It measures approxima...
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