Free Woodworking Plans - Birdhouses

  •  Birdhouses
    Get the kids involved in building these fun birdhouses. Here are the free instructions to get you building.
  •  Solar Birdhouse
    Build a unique birdhouse and incorporate a solar light in the top. Here is how to build it...
  •  Birdhouse, Grackle (Common)
    The best thing about the Grackle Nestbox is that you will probably find something besides a Grackle in it. It is the same nestbox as for Saw-whet Owl, Pygmy Owl, Lewis Woodpecker, and Flicker. You may also find kestrels, flycatchers and various other owls and woodpeckers using this nest box.
  •  Birdhouse, Robin (American)
    It has an 8 inches by 8 inches base, approximately an 8 inches ceiling, an open front and partially open sides. Mount this platform on the side of a garage or shed over looking both open spaces and foliage in your back yard from seven to fifteen feet high.
  •  Birdhouse, Bluebird
    Want to do something that is good for bluebirds and fun for you? Build them a nesting box!
  •  Birdhouse, Coffeecan
    Here is a terrific birdhouse that is as enjoyable as the aroma of the mornings first pot of coffee.
  •  Birdhouse, Phoebe
    Phoebes like to nest about buildings, and a simple shelf under the - roof of a porch or shed is all they require. If, however, it is desirable to have them stay outside, the shelf must be provided with a roof.
  •  Halloween Birdhouse craft
    To prepare for a night of rampant tricking and treating you will want to set the mood in your home with this boo-tiful wood Halloween birdhouse that is decorated to look like a lively witch. The scary sight of this frightfully cute birdhouse will delight your children and be a treasure they will look forward to seeing each year.
  •  Birdhouse
    This birdhouse is so easy to make from scraps, it would be a great afternoon project to make with the kiddos!
  •  Birdhouse
    This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a birdhouse to be mounted on a wall or post. You will need the SketchUp software to download this drawing and its freely available online. We do not provide support for this software. Not all drawings have the measurements displayed but you can use the measurement tool in SketchUp to easily and accurately determine the dimensions of each lumber part. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Birdhouses

  •  Tall Birdhouse Trio
    Decorate your yard or porch with these fun birdhouses which are easy to make and fun to paint.
  •  MCM Birdhouse
    If Mid-Century Modern is your thing or if you wish to build a birdhouse that is a little different, then this one is for you.
  •  Birdhouse
    This birdhouse was built using a single 6 foot 1 x 4 inch fence board. Just follow these instructions.
  •  Whimsical Birdhouse
    Build a whimsical birdhouse with these free instructions as well as a downloadable pattern.
  •  Birdhouse (PDF)
    Our simplest and least expensive project to build. Follow these detailed illustrated design plans and your birdhouse will be completed in about an hour. All you need are these plans, a 1x6 inch board (We used cedar fence material), and a few nails. All plans available for instant download.
  •  Birdhouse, Tall
    This is another very simple project when pre-cut pieces are used. All parts are cut from 3/4 inches pine planking scraps. The bottom is held in place with two 1-1/2 long counter-sink screws. Use the diagrams to cut out all pieces to the specified sizes.
  •  Birdhouse, Bluebird
    How to Build a Bluebird House by John E. Wylie - 1983 by the Conservation Commission of the State of Missouri
  •  Birdhouse of Your Dreams
    This web site offers a variety of free craft projects with instructions. This craft resource is listed because it may involve using wood.
  •  Birdhouse with a View
    This web site offers a variety of free craft projects with instructions. This craft resource is listed because it may involve using wood.
  •  Bunny Birdhouse
    This web site offers a variety of free craft projects with instructions. This craft resource is listed because it may involve using wood.
  • Birdhouses Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Birdhouse Plaque Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodcrafting Pattern PDF
    This is another very popular and relatively easy to make wall plaque. The bird and flowers should be available at any craft store. The bird house is assembled and painted or stained before adding the decorative flowers and bird. This is a two page full size pattern. Also included is a smaller one page pattern.
  •  Ultimate Birdhouse Book
    Make a Bluebird Cathedral, a Frank Lloyd Wright Wren House, an 1840s Tobacco Barn, a Victorian Flicker House--and more. Plus, use birdhouse designs as other items around the house, including a CD cabi...
  •  Birdhouse Planter Or Feeder Woodworking Plan Set - 4 Designs included
    Draw in different types of birds with our Birdhouse Plants/Feeders. Largest is 19 inches high x 15-3/4 inches wide x 5-1/2 inches deep.
  •  Birdhouse Village Woodworking Plan Set - 4 designs included!
    This simple project turns leftover wood pieces into four lovely, full-size birdhouses! Precise plans guarantee no-fail success. Easy to make, fun to sell! Largest is 25 inches high x 11 inches wide x 11 inches deep. 4 Designs!
  •  Birdhouse, Chili Pepper Woodworking Plan
    Hot design cools nesting birds. Easy-to-follow cutting, painting and assembly instructions.
  •  Raccoon Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    This raccoon birdhouse will provide a safe dwelling for birds to make their nests. Project features easy construction from 3/4 inch thick lumber. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Project measures with a 5 x 6 inch inside cavity. The plastic eyes and flush mount hanger hardware are sold separately.
  •  Meadowlark Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Make this exclusive home for your feathered friends while adding a decorative touch to your yard or garden! Uniquely shaped birdhouse measures about 12 high x 19 inches long.
  •  Mockingbird Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Add a decorative touch to your yard or garden with this uniquely shaped birdhouse. Its fun & easy to make from our full-size pattern.
  •  Rustic Country Home Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    It looks like a real antique - but it is not! You build this country home from new materials and coffee cans, then age everything using simple techniques explained on our plans. A project you will be ...
  •  Southwest Birdhouses Woodworking Plan
    Four unique and colorful birdhouses that will add a little Southwest flair to your yard or garden. Each design has a removable back for easy clean-out and is simple to make from our full-size pattern....
  •  Robin Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Make this bright and colorful home for your feathered friends and add a decorative touch to your yard or garden at the same time. Uniquely shaped birdhouse measures about 12 wide x 19 inches deep.
  •  Bluebird Birdhouse Duo Woodworking Plan
    Their beautiful color, pleasant songs and voracious appetite for insects make bluebirds a birdwatchers favorite! Attract them to your backyard with these two inviting, easy-to-make cedar houses. Large...
  •  Acorn Birdhouse Scroll Saw Pattern
    Give some lucky bird a great home or decorate that special spot inside your own home with this charming little birdhouse. Make it from layers of wood and sand for a hand-carved look. Our full-size pat...
  •  Watering Can Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    This fun and unusual birdhouse will look good in any yard or garden and is easy to make. Watering cans have been around so long they they have become a pleasant garden symbol. It has a 5 x 5 inch insi...
  •  Possum Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    This possum likes to hang out in the trees and will provide a safe home for his feathered friends. This birdhouse plan is easy to make from stock lumber and all patterns are drawn full size. The insid...
  •  Sea Captain Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Have fun with this old salt decorating a bird nesting area. All patterns are drawn FULL SIZE.
  •  Pirate Birdhouse Woodworking Plan
    Have fun with this old salt decorating a bird nesting area. All patterns are drawn FULL SIZE.
  •  Three Decorative Birdhouse Woodworking Plans
    One simple to build birdhouse decorated three different ways. Perfect for indoor decorating or use outside to attract wrens, swallows and nuthatches. FULL SIZE plans to built all three designs.
  •  Birdhouse Welcome Sign Woodworking Plan
    Enjoy are largest Birdhouse Welcome greeter at your front door, in your garden, or just about anywhere. Has its own stand.
  •  Floral Birdhouse Welcome Sign Woodworking Plan
    Its on a stand, so you can place this Welcome just about anywhere! Plus, its a decorative birdhouse, too.
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