Free Woodworking Plans - Archways

  •  Archway, Custom
    Ron travelled to the North side of Tucson to the high desert home of Lisa and Darin Hoffman for this next home improvement visit. The Hoffmans asked Ron to come and help them create a Spanish style rounded archway to match the one in the other part of the house. Ron was more than happy to help them with this added touch to their home.
  •  Archway, Interior - How to install
    The doorways that connect your foyer with the rest of your home give you a second chance to make a first impression on your guests. Its very simple to convert a typical rectangular doorway into something extraordinary with an arched entry.
  •  Archway, Rustic Post and Beam - faux
    This next HouseCalls request took Ron to Olympia, Washington. The Podowicz family had done a few updates and a remodel to their home, but they still felt like there was something missing. Cathy wanted to add some type of architectural detail that might create a lodge atmosphere. Ron recommended that they capture this effect by adding a rustic post and beam archway to the opening of the dining room. The result was so inviting they may never get their future house guests to check out!
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